OGZ Year In Review: Conventions and Photography Oh My!

So with 2017 in the closing throngs of its existence it is time to look back on what was achieved this year. Unfortunately not a lot for me but two things for sure came into focus: Conventions and Photography. The three big outings for OGZ this year were the conventions that consisted of Naka-Kon, Springfield’s Japanese Fall Festival and Anime Nebraskon. Sadly not all was well with the line up, but it was workable. The atmosphere for this years Naka-Kon was an outstanding one. I got the chance to meet some new faces, old faces and to experience my very first Japanese Rock Band Live. It was an experience that I wouldn’t have traded for anything else. While the guest line-up left me feeling lackluster, I can say that I still enjoyed the convention; especially the Funimation panels.

I got to meet the brilliantly, talented Angela from Kiss Kiss Cosplay and take my first cosplay pictures. It was an experience that was welcomed and while I cringe thinking about my choice of lighting and positioning, I cannot help but feel eternally grateful towards her. The next outing I would have would be the Japanese Fall Festival where I was able to get into the realm of photography much better and I managed to have an absolute ball of a time with it as well. It was nothing like I had anticipated before and It helped me to get a firm idea for how I shot. The festival while not a convention was very much geared liked one this go around and I think it helped to make it standout more-so.

The last convention of our year was sadly one that was a mixed bag of emotion. Anime Nebraskon was an experience that I needed and while it left an awfully sour taste in my mouth, it was still fun. This was the first convention I felt firm in my photography skills and I am grateful I got to at least experience this. I am lucky to had patient cosplayers around and while I didn’t do much in terms of helping with posing due to nerves and shyness, it was helpful to have others around. This was but a first for me to shred away an old shell that I hope will continue to help me grow and spread my wings more. I really wish this convention had exceeded my groups expectations, but sadly it did not and that is just fine.

The photography aspect improved so much this year and I can only hope that it continues on this route. While I have a larger amount of room for improvement, I am content to say that I have a style to go with. It is uniquely mine and I like what I am able to produce from it. Cosplay photography is something that has always interested me and it is something that I am able to finally grasp in tangible form. I can only hope that I can continue to deliver you all some amazing content both from conventions and photography.

So as far as 2017 was concerned, it was a good year for OGZ and myself to stretch our legs and lay new groundwork for future conventions and photography plans.

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3 thoughts on “OGZ Year In Review: Conventions and Photography Oh My!

  1. Aww good for you josh. Your photos look amazing to me but your amazing anyway since knowing 😊

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    1. Aww, Lita! Thank you so much for the kind words. :3

      Liked by 1 person

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