Remembering Why You Love Anime: Nostalgia

Nostalgia can be both a comforting device and one that spurs on passionate pursuits of something long loved. Be that a particular work of art, book, or artistic medium. Anime can fall in to that nostalgia bracket and for some, it can keep them from pursuing new avenues or it can open up a door into an endless void of airing anime and collecting. When one says they feel nostalgic about a certain anime, that word can have a various amount of meaning.

For one being nostalgic towards a certain anime can invoke a feeling of it being more superior than the current showw. Take for example me reminiscing over older video games and remembering how much they rocked. The same invoked feeling applies entirely towards anime. Most individuals will fondly think back to how ground breaking Space Pirate Captain Harlock was or how good shows like the original Pokemon or Dragonball Z were. They have an appeal to many fans that seems lacking almost from todays market offerings. “Good” anime is tentative and can be interpreted depending on who you ask but one thing remains a constant between them all: Nostalgia.

Spirited Away is one of those anime that just makes me remember why I got into anime and where it has taken me. 

Nostalgia can also bring a sense of furthering ones knowledge of a subject and remembering why it was you enjoyed that particular anime. Thinking about what one watches now can be enlightening. It opens up a door that allows us to remember why we loved a particular show or genre. It leads us to new avenues and new ideas that can be challenging, but fun to accept or to tear down. I know that my love for the, “Slice of Life” genre has lead me to more… risqué avenues, but that is just a testament to how branching anime based nostalgia can be. They lead us on adventures both challenging and fun.

Nostalgia is a tool that when used and help us better our understanding and appreciation for the things we love. At the end of the day nostalgia will always be there. A burning flame of passion for the things that we love and enjoy so much in life. Anime can be something of an adventure into a life, a story that can leave such a profound experience onto us. It is a mesmerizing thing to consider why we do what we love to do and why we continue to watch it.

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1 thought on “Remembering Why You Love Anime: Nostalgia

  1. I’ve always been a sucker for nostalgia, which has been both a blessing and a curse for me.

    On the plus side, there’s a lot of things I can continue to find a deep appreciation for as a result of nostalgia, but sometimes it also makes it difficult for me to appreciate new trends and/or things due to a longing for how things “used to be”.

    With regards to anime, it’s why I love Shounen so much and continue to enjoy all the new big, long running shounens that come out. I grew up with Shounen, so I always get a nostalgia rush when I watch one!

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