My First Week With Google’s Project Fi: Is It Worth it?

With week one, won and done (like what we did there?) what has it been like to be on the Pixel 2 XL while on Google’s Project Fi. I gotta say it is nice to have a phone that isn’t crapping out on us and to have a service that actually prices fairly. Bear in mind this plan will not be for everyone, will be more ideal for someone who might be a single line user or a group of low data users.

First off the phone itself, the Google Pixel 2 XL is a dream to behold. The hardware and software optimization is just entirely insane! Being that it is from Google themselves then you know it will be the most optimized, pure Android experience. Skins and customization aside this phone is quality and the camera is the best selling point, aside from the pure experience. The phone is solid and while wireless charging and a dedicated headphone jack would have been nice, it is a far cry from the quality experience. For the more tech minded of you out there, yes the blue tint of the POLED display is there and the impression will vary. I frankly could careless about the color shift as it does nothing to phase or bother me at all. The colors from the screens saturated mode are juicy and jaw-droopingly beautiful. Easily one of the best phone screens that I have ever seen personally; baring the Samsung phones I work with on a day to day basis.

The Pixel 2 Xl featured in the Black and White (Panda) color. We opted for Just Black. 

The lack of the Apple-esque continuity that I was used to is a bit sad to go without, but it is not near the end of the world. Google’s Photo and Video integration makes working between my MacBook Pro and Pixel 2 XL fairly straight forward and easy; not as quick as Air Drop. Still I am in love and mesmerized by how much Android has grown in my three version obscene from the developing ecosystem.

The cellular service on the other had has just been outstanding. Project Fi is unique in the sense that you are charged per the amount of data that you actually use. So if you are a minimal data user like myself, then you will find that your bill will reflect that. In total for one weeks worth of use I have amounted to 12MB or 12 cents! That is insane and awesome, which means by the end of the month, I will receive a 9.78USD credit towards my account. That is beyond dope and awesome. Reception, which is a key point to any service is pretty good so far.

The service uses three different providers (Sprint, T-Mobile and US Cellular) to create a unique and meshed network that seamlessly jumps between the strongest signal. This means that no matter where you go, you will have an unimpeded experience and reliable data connection. Now I have only been between two cities and not on a longer drive, but from what I have experience so far is above and beyond quality. HD Voice isn’t here yet, but that is just a small nitpick of mine.


Really I have nothing to complain about phone or service wise and while I am sure to have better input after one month of use, I will say for not that Google’s Project Fi service is incredibly worth it. The savings one can muster from this service is nothing short of godly or impressive and while this post may not be for everyone, just know that it will make a difference for those of you out there who want a cheaper plan.

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1 thought on “My First Week With Google’s Project Fi: Is It Worth it?

  1. I remember really liking the Nexus when it first appeared, and all the Google phones with the pure Android experience. Project Fi would be a good fit for my usage, but unfortunately, the network won’t work in my area. Definitely have heard a lot of positive reviews for it though.

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