Star Wars Battlefront 2: These Are The Droids You Are Looking For

TL;DR… If you suck at First Person Shooters then having all pay to win cards will not mean the game is balanced in your favor. Skill is a factor to how well one can play.

Welcome to our impression of a phenomenal game that I feel has been personal blemished by individuals who believe that access to better gear makes a better player. First I am going to start this off by telling you that this game continues to make me feel like a kid again. The beauty that DICE, Motive and Criterion have crafted is amazing and a childhood dream come true. Stepping into the boots of a First Order Trooper or Resistance Fighter is beyond satisfying and the accompanying musical composition just sets the mood so beautifully. While the addition of a single player campaign is great, it wasn’t the highlight of the game for me. What was, was the era spanning maps and characters that one can choose to play as. I love the attention to detail with the Clone Troopers and Droid voice work, pulling the same voice actors from the 3d animated series.

The single player story puts us in the shoes of Iden Versio as she saunters through several missions for her ailing Galactic Empire and is shown the true face of the faction she serves. While I personally completed the campaign within 4 hours, it will be expanded through the future DLC that will be released soon. However the story is the first time we get to see the late Emperor’s Operation Cinder placed into action and it is cool to see this new lore unfolding before us. It is like a nerdy-dream come true. While I am eagerly waiting the new DLC that will expand the single-player portion, it will be curious to see what they implement from the novels released or movies.

Now the multiplayer and the loot box ordeal is something that I personally feel has been overblown. Yes, paying to get items that you can grind for in-game takes the fun out of it. Does it make the actual game unplayable? No it doesn’t. Like any first person shooter it takes skill to use what tools are presented to you. Luck does help somewhat, but having map knowledge and knowledge of how a class of trooper plays is effective in making the game more fun and less about having the best card abilities.


I have gone up against players with multiple purple tier cards and frankly speaking, if they have absolute zero clue on map awareness or class functionality, then they are just as competent as your 11 year old niece or nephew playing the game. While there is certainly some anguish over being able to buy everything, I still firmly believe that the game can be enjoyed to its fullest with a bit of dedication and realizing that colored ability cards mean nothing to your own superb ability.

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