Why Net Neutrality Makes a Difference And How It Effects You

Otaku Gamer Zone doesn’t like taking a political stance, but when it comes to an open internet, it isn’t a matter of saying, “It doesn’t affect me.” Net Neutrailty affects everything that we do on a day by day basis. We often take for granted the unimpeded access that we have when it comes to navigating the web. The current FCC chair, Ajit Pai holds massive disregard for the open internet and instead favors allowing the various internet providers choice in what they charge, allow access towards and to what they feature. Take for a moment and example: Say you have internet services provided by Verizon who happens to own Yahoo!. Say you want to go search for something on Google and instead it features a blocked advert or informs you that due to your current provider, Yahoo! is your only option; unless you opt for a premium package.

Say you want to go and visit your favorite anime blog or anime news site and instead find out that it is now blocked or even throttled. Imagine having to pick a package to access certain aspects of the world wide web. This is what one can expect from the impending changes that the FCC is attempting to add, thusly undoing the free and unimpeded internet. For one, this effects EVERYONE who uses the internet in their day to day lives. It is easy to forget that many of the websites we use are owned by companies that are direct rivals. Imagine having to pay more to access Netflix because one internet provider has partnered with Hulu. Imagine not even being able to access Crunchyroll or Funimation because the content is deemed unfit for public consumption due to indecency and mature content. Yikes! That is something that I do not find appealing whatsoever.

This would even allow internet providers to directly impede the speed at which you even game at. Love this online shooters or MMO’s? Odds are you may have to pay a premium just to maintain a solid connection. Sure this is a stretch and quite hypothetical to say, but if internet providers have an option, odds are they will reach for them since it nets them more cash. Right now we enjoy an undisturbed access to the open web, with the only barrier being paid access to it. It is fundamental that you be able to have quick access to what you need at a moments notice. No one wants to see a pop-up stating that your plan doesn’t include access to Crunchyroll or Netflixor that you’ve exceeded your monthly data allowance and will thusly have speeds reduced. This is an impending nightmare for ALL CONTENT CREATORS AND CONSUMERS.

Sure this is all current speculation as to what the actual providers will do, but the FCC has clearly laid out that they intend to allow internet services providers choice in how they present the web to their subscribers. I thusly implore everyone who reads our blog to reach out their service providers, to the FCC directly and express discontent. I for one enjoy and am thankful to be able to enjoy the access that I have without added cost to myself and I would never take that for granted.

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1 thought on “Why Net Neutrality Makes a Difference And How It Effects You

  1. Unfortunately, Pai has made it clear that this has been the goal all along, and any protesting or complaining is essentially useless. The courts who, a few years ago or so, agreed with the FCC that net neutrality was essential now has to listen to the FCC say, “You know what, telecom needs more money. That’s what’s most important!” I would love them to issue a smackdown on the FCC.


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