I’m Invested Into Apple’s Ecosystem And That’s Just Fine.

As we are creatures of both habit and comfort, we tend to go for things that are familiar, comforting and relatively stress free. It is the leading reasoning as to why we only order that specific item from our favorite restaurant or do things in a certain way/order. This habit often stretched into technology for many of us. Some of us prefer to use Apple’s iPhone over a Samsung Galaxy series phone and you know what? That is entirely fine. Let us strip away for one moment the clothing that is price and just look at the devices for what they achieve for us. This can range from functionality, comfort and content. Each and every piece of technology that we engage with has a level of function in our lives.

Take for example Apple Music and iTunes. For some this is a system they general don’t use due to having other programs like Spotify or Google Play Music. For others (like myself) they may have grown up using iTunes as their first and only music purchasing option. Growing up I used iTunes as the sole method of song organization and purchasing. It made getting what I wanted easy and I had access to a partially-global library of tracks. It was my gateway drug into Korean and Japanese Pop and it remains an integral part of my music experience. Even when I owned my LG G2 and Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 it was still the program I used to by my music on. Upon getting my Apple iPhone 6s+ and then my MacBook Pro 13” this became an integrated system that I could easily access across devices at will. It opened up a larger door when I got my Japanese iTunes Account. This meant I could get more of the songs I wanted and loved. This wasn’t something I thought possible outside of YouTube. The great thing is that I had access to all of this on both my Mac and iPhone I wasn’t having to dance around a delicate situation of trying to port and hope it worked.

If I honestly haven’t spent as much as I have had over the decade and half I’ve been using iTunes, I may be elsewhere in my tech investment.

For me this ecosystem began around one program and has since become integral to other aspects. Writing our blog posts, sharing our media and operating our day to day basis have begun to require I keep on the Apple course. Now of course this can be the total opposite for someone else. You may solely use Google devices or Microsoft devices. Maybe you even mix devices and systems. There is no one way to do something right and that is perfectly okay. There are individuals who feel that giving money to Apple is investing in the anti-christ or feeding a stagnant company lacking ideas. We each have a different reason for liking the products we use and why we specifically use them. Just because something works out for you (in the case of food taste good) doesn’t mean that it will be for everyone. I love Apple products for the simple reason of optimization and support for programs that matter most to me. Being able to use a program like Ulysses across my Macbook Pro and iPhone means that I can quickly write up a draft or put the finishing details on a post that I’ve been working on. For me it just works they way I want it to work.

Now of course all of this means nothing to someone who feels the same way about Windows or Google products and services. To them, what they use is the best and most optimized experience around and you know what? That is perfectly fine and is something that is great. Finding a system that just works for you is something grand and I feel that everyone has that pairing that makes them feel comforted and at ease.

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