Getting Back Into The Anime Grind

So, burnout… It is a real issue that I have previously chatted about and it is one obstacle that I am eagerly trying to vault. I want to find that joy in watching the latest anime that airs, I want to oogle over new cuties. Finding that fun, yet childish glee from a show is a hard feeling to pass up. However hard I’ve tried its been met with a feeling of slight dread and discomfort. Thankfully not all slippery slopes remains slippery. I’ve found my footing and I have found it in the unlikeliest of places—Love Live: Sunshine!

Okay, now idol anime is not everyones favorite cup of tea. It’s overly moe (which is amazing) and it comes off as a hellish pit that your best friends go to die in. Frankly it is a show that has dual meaning to me as I enjoyed the livid hell out of the very first Love Live anime run. Sunshine was a show I started, but never processed past episode one; For reasons that I have forgotten. The shows premise is a simplistic one: Girl wants to either save troubled school or to embrace a more vibrant side to life through dance and song. It is not the most story driven one, but it has an unholy amount of merit and depth to its characters. This is why so many individuals love, Love Live characters. They range from serious, neutral, peppy and zany. They are loved and they are equally hated (Nico Nico Nii for life) for various reasons. They are characters that feel more to life than any other character out there—Talking to you Goku and Ichigo.


The colorful outfits, the catchy songs are all aspects that make me feel thrilled to be in love with a series such as this. It all helps me to forget about the dread of wanting to watch something. It’s helping me to write more about anime that I generally like. I’ve felt a disconnected sense of being for the past few months. It is as if something had drastically changed and I have been avoiding an utterly delightful aspect of my life. I still read manga, gazed upon fan art and clamored after anything Kill la Kill. It was all for the sake of having an experience unlike anything else. Love Live: Sunshine! is helping me to feel engaged and excited about anime again. I know for many of you this may seem like an odd anime that could achieve something of that caliber, but it is working. I’m honestly loving the new cast of characters and am quickly coming to love Ruby and Yohane. They are a shade of awesome and add so much more dimension to this cast of lovable idols.

Bit by bit they are helping me to remember why it was fun to watch anime and why I love doing what I do. Talking about anime can be exhilarating and stressing. I personally wouldn’t have it any other way.

Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours

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