Distancing Oneself From Biased Opinions

We all have them. Those tiny little voices in the back of our heads that just want us to lash out, to defend ourselves and opinion. However, do we risk making ourselves seem foolish or uneducated? Do we continue down a dark road of bickering and fighting over something that means very little. Like arguing over what tech product is superior or what anime trumps all others. It has no effect on our day to day lives, so why do you push or defend such overly biased opinions?

Well pride has some part to play in our stubbornness. We want to so staunchly defend our stance or fandom that we dive headlong in promoting or defending these sort of opinions. Frankly we all are guilty of doing this every now and then and even this post is full of my own input and biased stance. We just want to make sure that our personal biased is put out there. Whether that is hating on Sony or Microsoft, Apple or Google, Dragonball Z or Naruto. We just want to tackle these issues in order to defend our fandom or to deface the completion. This is something that finds itself built into our very being as creatures of repetition. We seek out opposition and we often find ourselves in boiling arguments. What good comes from it all?

Some salt with your biased opinion madame or sire?

Now not all biased opinions are factually lacking or truthful. Even my own professional stance when it comes to working with cellular devices doesn’t lack an essence of bias. We all do it subconsciously that it can often come off as either false or deceivingly truthful. Sometimes it can be pure truth that is just constrained and twisted into something it is not. So what can one do to distance themselves from biased opinions that can become unhealthy and quite toxic?

First off don’t feed the system. Don’t engage those comment trolls or spiteful fanboys. There are some in this world who love nothing than to fan the flames or to just spew toxicity out into the world. I know it is tempting to dive in, to save a beloved series from a group of individuals who wish to tarnish it. This is something that I struggle with daily on social media, especially when it concerns political or social issues. While we can easily distance ourselves, it isn’t always perfect. There will always be biased options we wish to voice, we just need to know when to avoid becoming too toxic and uninformed.

The second aspect to this issue is realizing that what we are promoting with bias doesn’t mean much in daily life. So what if someone thinks that Goku could go ham on Naruto, what does that do to you? Does it ruin your job, your school life or family life? No or at least it shouldn’t. This runs parallel with being too invested in something. Engaging with grossly biased opinions are something you just have to mentally key into as being pointless in the larger picture of day to day life.

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2 thoughts on “Distancing Oneself From Biased Opinions

  1. I just love this post! Not because I can enumerate those who are bias but this post is just for me. I just couldn’t help saying things I like and overlook others’ opinions. I should work on it starting today.

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  2. In the end I guess it all comes down to respect. So, someone else has a different opinion about something. That really is okay, as long as that other person is respectful for it. Luckily WordPress is not YouTube. Everyone here is just very nice, and respectful. Great post!

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