Anime Nebraskon is Less Than Five Days Away!

With the weather turning colder and colder my anticipation for Anime Nebraskon continues to grow and grow. With only FIVE DAYS LEFT until the big trip, it would be coarse of me to not point out that I am equal parts nervous and excited. For one, this is a brand new experience at a convention that I know nothing about. Secondly it also terrifies as to how I will actually do coverage. I don’t know the best areas for traffic flow nor do I know what to expect from the vendor hall. Sure it is low to judge a convention based on its vendor hall, but come on; anime goodies!

I can say that I am pleased as peach to be with a radical group of friends who will undoubtedly provide me with laughs and a memorable time at the convention. I do plan on getting everyone in the group covered with photography and maybe a few clips here and there. Beyond that I am not holding out for much more, other than getting the feel for Anime Nebraskon. Sadly I doubt I will run into any familiar faces there from outside my group, but if any of you perspective readers are attending… cool!

As always I hope to keep you all caught up with my NebKon prep and expectations. This Friday I will also be unveiling our brand new mascot design for 2018! The art direction for her is wonderful and I cannot wait to show her off.

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