The Road To Ota 3.0!

Big and exciting news: Ota, our beloved mascot, will be getting a massive overhaul for this coming new year! This is exciting for both our artist Milkgrrl and for myself personally. Ota was but a small dream of mine to be a better visual element for Otaku Gamer Zone. It is hard to have envisioned this blog without here presence being there. Thankfully I am excited to announce that she is coming back into the fray, strong and ready for the future!

This was the very first mascot image that Milkgrrl ever produced for us! I am to fault for the shoddy image job.

Currently she is in drafting mode. Milkgrrl and I have been actively discussing ideas and developing a rough outline for what we want to have from her. This theme is all about new beginnings and New Years! Ota will of course be making a kimono comeback, but this new version of her will be special. For one she will harken back to an Ota that many of you haven’t seen; unless you’ve been year one faithfuls! All I can say is that I will be making nods back to the original Ota with this new one.

Please consider supporting Milkgrrl through these official channels!

I am excited, nervous and a mixture of anxious for this upcoming change. I do want to debut her before the year is out and have the commission in place for it all. Speaking of, if you have not yet met the wonderful Milkgrrl aka Shari then what are you doing? She is a delightfully talented artist who has been immensely helpful in bringing life and love to Ota. She dabbles in all ranges of art and is of course pretty much self-taught. She does of course have an official website and Patreon for your viewing desires. I highly encourage you to support her, follow her and tell her hi. She enjoys hearing back from her fans and it goes along way for her.

We also have an official page just for her in our Creators We Love section of OGZ! I have recently updated her page to show case some new art, as well as to correct some linking issues! I know I prop up Milkgrrl a lot, but for the people who know me… I am lividly vocal towards the things and people that I enjoy. I will chat it up for days and I won’t stop. I feel that is a great to have something to be so vocally passionate towards and I encourage you all to feel the same way about the things or persons you adore; just keep it within reason.

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