AnimeNebrasKon is Just Around The Corner!

With less than two week left on the calendar until AnimeNebrasKon or NebKon, I feel it is right to unveil my master plan. For most of you that do not know, NebKon will be the first convention for anime I have attended outside of my usual Naka-Kon. While this means I have to allow for a more hefty budget every year, the reward is well worth the preparation. I will be of course attending the convention with the ever amazing Lucia from Fruitless Cosplay, as well as Sash from Springfield Cosplay. It is aiming to be a grand trip for my group and I am delighted to be able to meet some new faces.

What I do have planned is all tentative. Panels are always an issue of timing and such. I do wish to hit up all of the Funimation panels that I possible can. I will of course strive to not miss the industry panel. It is a great thing to attend and catch some great announcements, especially since I will be introducing the Springfield Cosplay President Sash to them. As far as fan panels are concerned, I do not know how those will fall within our schedule. IT is of priority, but it will also depend on cosplay photography and such.

I do also plan on being able to provide you all a post daily in the form of a summarization of the day. I will be vlogging and providing a video feedback for the actual convention; let us hope I actually do it this time… Outside of all that I will not do a haul video, I will still show off whatever purchases I get, but I doubt it will range or amount to much. I still wish to focus my big spend during conventions like Naka-Kon. Who knows, I may be impressed by the size and quantity of goods found at NebKon.

If any of you are going, please feel free to let us know down in the comment section below! I’d totally love to meet up and chat! For more information regarding AnimeNebrasKon feel free to visit their Official Website!

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