Fire Emblem Warriors: A Warriors Game That Feels Like A Fire Emblem Game

It should come to no surprise that I am over the moon for this game. Having devoted a solid few days of play to the actual game I feel confident in providing the best feed back that I can give. What the game brings me in pure excitement, it also brings me some remembrance of just how quick to dull a Dynasty Warriors inspired game can get. From the tedious and over simplistic controls, to the over used map locations. This game pulls all of that and more from Koei Temco’s prior series, but what this one has is a phenomenal core implementation of a much beloved franchise.

The Fire Emblem series is one that has had its ups and downs, with Fire Emblem Awakening bringing new life to the series. What Fire Emblem Warriors brings to the series is surprising life. It blends so beautifully within the existing Fire Emblem line up that it fits so beautifully within the mainline. Surprisingly, while the story feels lacking in body, it is rather good for a hack n’ slash, button masher. The story pulls characters from all over the spectrum of games from the Fire Emblem franchise. I loved the main characters and I loved the addition of older and newer characters that I have not seen in sometime, like hero-king Marth. While I do very much enjoy the games short and easy story, it is far from a Fire Emblem quality story.

Where the game pulls you in is with its mechanics that draw heavily from Fire Emblem itself. It is such a joy to be able to experience a Fire Emblem quality game, but within a Dynasty Warriors game. It is beyond anything I could have imagined, down to the menu sound effects. The game has two difficulty choices: Standard (For those who want a traditional Dynasty Warriors experience) and Classic (Which brings us the traditional Fire Emblem love of permadeath for our assisting characters). The choice of being having the chance to lose characters we love is what made Fire Emblem that much better. The fine folks at Koei Temco have done a fine job at making sure the player feels as if they aren’t playing anything but a Fire Emblem game.

The character roster also brings in fan-favorites new and old. From Chrom to Marth the game has it all, including the new characters from Fire Emblem Conquest and Fates. It allows players, like myself, to experience those new games through the characters that we get to interact with. What is even better, most of them are playable within the game; albeit 4 at a time, counting the main character. The game also brings over some of the beloved series tactic like controls, allowing you to direct where your companions go and who to attack or defend. Sure it isn’t played entirely that way, it still is a nice nod. Having that level of control is nice especially when you want to focus on other pressing matters.

But is it worth the 59.99USD price tag for the regular edition? Potentially. It really depends on who you are and if you absolutely adore the niche draw of the Warriors formula. I do think that if you can grab it for 39.99USD then you would be better accommodated for your purchase.

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3 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Warriors: A Warriors Game That Feels Like A Fire Emblem Game

  1. In my gaming days I just to love Dynasty Warriors. Yes it was at times very repitive, but also a lot of fun. It’s cool to see that they combined this now with such a popular franchise, although I liked the Gundam versions of it as well. It would almost make me pick up a gaming console again 😂

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    1. This version is really well done and that surprised me pretty well.

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  2. I am not a hardcore Fire Emblem fan but I do like the game characters and play style. I do like these Dynasty Warrior style games. I loved playing One Piece Pirate Warriors and I want to play more of these kind of games. If I had a Switch, I would play this game for the gameplay.

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