At What Point Do We Become Too Invested?

There is always a peak. A point from which we stand at the highest footing in fandoms before we take the slippery slide down into the absolute hell that is fan-investment. This engagement is one that teeters on the brink of absolute absurdity and determine towards ones health. At what point do we detract from that investment? At what point do we attempt to climb back up that slope? It is a topic that I have thought about for some point and felt that it would be an apt subject for discussion.

While I feel that I am not at the summit of my climb, I know many of your out there are or have been sitting at the summit. The worry is a real concern that many of you face and it is one that is important to tackle. Having an vested interest in what we love is a rewarding and fun experience. It can however consume our very lives if left unchecked. It could be classified as a disease in its own right if we had the will to see it as such. This line of thought can be quite dangerous and harmful towards fans who are actually living a functional life while also being wholesomely invested.

But what defines someone as too invested? For one, having a person whose entire financial focus is set on grabbing anything and everything for the one thing would fit the bill. Then again someone who also collects and refuses to provide themselves with even the basic necessities would be someone who is obviously too invested. Letting oneself go, all in the name of a piece of plastic or paper is not worth the detrimental loss to ones mentality or health. This investment is never worth destroying oneself over. Now sure I am not one to speak for the masses of individuals out there who take pure joy from this sort of devotion. Obsessing is what we humans are frankly the best at. Whether it be over petty differences in ideology, making sure we followed our day to day routine or making sure we always cook our bacon the same way. Obsessing is hard wired into us.

Sure taking this obsession to levels that undermine the joy we gained from it is something no one ever wants. Most of us never intend to fall into that bleak decline, it sort of just happens. The investment gives us a fount of satisfaction that was either unobtainable or it feels to good to resist; it could be even spite. The slippery slope towards over investment is one that will accelerate faster as the person in question embraces it more. If you keep feeding it momentum then is will only consume you further. Becoming too invested in one thing can be detrimental. Just take myself having fatigue and lacking interest in wanting to watch anime. I gave it 110% for the past two years and it sucked all I had out of me. While I am a bit recovered, I am still quite hesitant to jump back on the train.

The tricky part is knowing when and where we draw the line. Will it help solve the issue of becoming overly invested? No, not one bit. The simple fact is that while we can identify a point at where we can see an over investment, we can’t just slap someone’s hand and say, “No, bad.” I didn’t acknowledge that I was headed towards exhaustion when it came to my anime viewing nor could I. I was too caught up in the wonders of it all that I just came to a screeching, if not fumbling halt. That is what it is like to be over invested in something. It feels unavoidable and almost undetectable until one has fully recognized that they are indeed in a pit. Once it is recognized you have a choice to make. Sit and wallow in your own despair or try to climb back out in the hopes that you can reach the summit once more. Just be mindful that even if you do make it to the top, it’s only down another slippery slope.

I hope you all enjoyed this little discussion. I haven’t tackled something to this degree in a long while. I am hoping to bring back some content that I felt gave good attention to ideas or topics that were worth reading about. As always I thank you all for sticking through these longer posts of mine.

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8 thoughts on “At What Point Do We Become Too Invested?

  1. Ah yes the age old question. Really applies to everything in life when you think about it. Finding a balance between everything is a challenge. I sometimes find myself to invested in not only anime but blogging in general. Having to remind myself that these things should be FUN and that it’s up to me to keep it that way.

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    1. Always. Keeping it fresh and fun are ways to always stay on the upside of over investing oneself.

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  2. This is a great question. In my opinion, it’s at the point where you defend something and can’t admit the flaws or the advantages of a game, series, product…

    I’m too invested into gaming and anime. To the point, I’m losing sleep over it sometimes.

    Also, I think Kat Sade made a great point. When you stop having fun with a something and it becomes a bit more than that… well, yeah.

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    1. Very apt point there. Not being able to realize a flaw within something you adore can be socially and mentally detrimental.

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      1. Or not being able to take criticism about the product you enjoy. In the past, I was unable to respect or understand people who weren’t too happy with the gameboy and Nintendo DS. But, when I grew older, I started to understand why and respect the other opinion. Yeah, I was that kind of a child in the past. Shame on me right.

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      2. Haha, no worries. I was the sort of person who slung slurs at Apple users and PlayStation owners. I know own both systems in question. We learn from our mistakes and even embrace them.

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