Stardew Valley is Best At Home On Nintendo’s Switch

While it has most certainly been a while since I have touched the amazing indie game that is Stardew Valley, it hasn’t lost its charm. Stardew Valley finally made the switch to Nintendo’s Switch console and it feels as if it is the best version by far. The portability of course makes this a sure-fire win for the game and the fact that it is a Harvest Moon successor on a Nintendo console, just makes it glow even more so.

Sure this edition is a brand new port and there are a string of issues abound with launching fresh. One massively annoying issues, is that of an audio one. There is an audible left channel hiss that crops up every so often. With that all being said it is a small bug in the greater scope of the games port. The game though makes the most sense on the hybrid console due to the fact that it is a clone, a successor to the beloved Harvest Moon series. This sense of playing a game that makes one remember a fond playing sensation is awesome and it is frankly amazing.

Harvest Moon is not a bad game to mimic and yes, Stardew Valley mostly mimics the earlier Gameboy and Gameboy Color versions of the game. They all have their knack, but it is hardly something that will make its way to the Switch any time soon. Even if we had the older Harvest Moon titles I would still argue on the premise that Stardew Valley is just a bloody awesome marriage of gaming mechanic and fond memories of a beloved gaming series. Plus it is on the Switch, a console that just screams quality and diversity. I cannot stress how much fun I have had being able to play this version of Stardew Valley. It plays just as it did previously, but it feels more solid, more at home.

It is a strange happening when one finds themselves at odds with trying to figure out how to explain their fascination. It is again not anything to write home about and yet it has a wonderful feeling that radiates outward and has permeated the opinions of other bloggers. The consensus is quite clear on the fact that this edition of Stardew valley is the definitive and must play version of the game. Just being able to swap over between desktop or handheld mode is a comfort that I cannot pass up. While the PC/Mac OS X version may support modifications, I would gladly give those up for the ultimate portable gaming experience that I can get on Nintendo’s Switch.

Sure the game feels just like it did on all prior releases. Nothing is different and the formula that was provided will forever remain the same. Just the provided experience of playing it on the Nintendo Switch is one that I would encourage everyone out there to experience.

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