The Inateck Type-C SATA-III case is perfect for those with a plethora of pulled, internal drives!

I did pander Inateck for a review unit, but seeing as a family member had graciously purchased one for my own use, I settled on providing a quick write up. I love pulling apart old PC’s and pulling out the internal drives for future use. I currently am the proud owner of three internal drives, the latest being my Kingston SSD from my PC. Needing some way of utilizing them I opted to look towards cases that would still allow me to get some use out of an existing drive, without needing to break the bank with a new external.

The Inateck Type-C SATA-III case is a 19.99USD option on Amazon that will allow you to use any 2.5 Inch drive in it’s case, unimpeded. It makes the perfect companion for any current MacBook or MacBook Pro owner out there. It gives you extra capacity in a pinch and you can make use of those slightly harder to sell drives. The only downside is of course the case can only fit one item at a time, which means you are going to have to balance switching them in and out. The easiest fix is to simply grab another set of these cases to swap or to purchases a ’toaster’ option.

Now in the short vein of things, is this an item that is worth the investment? No, so long as you have an extra drive to use in it; a 2.5” SATA-III drive that is. For those of you looking for just an extra source of storage I would preference you towards just grabbing a standard external drive. It will cost you about the same, if not more to grab a standard SATA-III drive to work with the enclosure.

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