Musical Moments in Gaming That Make You Feel Powerful!!!

We all have experienced these moments within the gaming community. We are playing our favorite game, getting close to fighting the big baddie or gearing up for the big assault. All of a sudden the tempo changes, the score heightens and the melodic hums and hymns of choirs could be heard faintly in the background. Then it builds into an epic song that gets your adrenaline pumping and your blood flowing. That was the moment where the game took you in and gave you reason; you felt powerful and unstoppable. Games have a way of telling a story through music that is often overlooked by the masses. We praise the bands we follow everyday and the musical minds behind the films that we watch. Yet most game composers are generally ignored or briefly acknowledged for their magnificent work. So for tonights post I will be showing you three moments in gaming that made me feel powerful through music.

Guardians have it rough, but when you are about to stop a machines destructive weapon the music keeps you going. SPOLER WARNING: As you push into the final throws of Destiny 2’s short lived story, you are tasked to stop a massive weapon from destroying our resident star and it is only you. The mood is dire and the very fate of all the powerless guardians rests on your shoulders. Lucky for you you still got the clamoring vanguard to keep you going, but you also have music. Even in the beginning, you have music that guides you over the mountains and into a brighter land of solitude and safety. The song titled Journey (Featuring Kronos Quartet) by Michael Salvatori is an utter work of art and inspiration for any guardian wishing to remember for what they are fighting for.

The opening sequence for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is by far one of the best in the series! I am a massive fan of stellar openings, especially ones that can emotionally pull me in; without needing to actually play the game. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD does with with only it’s opening cinematic and man is it phenomenal; if not cheesy. The brilliant orchestra grade work for the cinematic score adds a deafening thunder to it and it has me all the more thrilled to play the game. The Beginning of the End by Takeharu Ishimoto is a score that sends a shiver down my spine and stirs up an emotion that is a mixture of inspiration and utter thrill.

A classic in gaming for myself would have to be the score for the gaming series that is Halo 3. One Final Effort by Marty O’Donnel is a score that will forever associate epic gaming music with high-octane action. Stepping into the shoes of Master Chief wouldn’t have been as rewarding as it was for this title. It had everything that I could have asked for and more. It has the score of violins playing and the quick work of drums rattling in the background. I would argue were it not for this composition, I may not be as invested in the music of games as I am currently.

I encourage you all to give these songs your attention and let me know what gaming moment gave you the power to complete your task. We all have that one score that will always push us further than any other and we can often thank gaming for that song.

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