The Month of Halloween is Upon Us… So Let’s Watch Appropriate Anime!

The time to hang the spooky and morbid decorations is upon us at last. That means all things frightful and fearful. The Cinema’s will be filled with horror films galore and rightly so. So why not cater some anime for those scary moments and cravings?

Soul Eater as well as Soul Eater NOT are two options that are on the menu for viewing fun and Halloween thrills. I love this series to death and it fits so well within the Halloween spirit. From the frightful decorations to the over all pacing and them of the show. It is a sure fire way to enthrall any perspective viewer. Soul Eater NOT carries the familiar vibes, but presents the show in a more moe sort of genre. I wouldn’t be upfront if I didn’t say it was a harder show to get into out of the two.

Another is a spine chilling anime that may send the weak of stomach away from the couch. This anime is two parts chilling and four parts amazing. The art direction, voice work and scenery are on point in this horror bound title that makes you scream, “WHAT THE ACTUAL F$%^!” This anime doesn’t hold much back and that is what truly makes this show shine. It’s short run of 12 episodes is a shame, but the anime will leave you in a knackered state after the run is done.

Ghost Stories will turn your stomach round and take you on a night full of…. LAUGHS! I had to include this show as it is just a comedic relief that is needed after a long day. I can say with gusto that this anime was probably spooky in the original Japanese translation. What it turned into when it came to the United States was a bucket full of laughs and cultural humor. If you cannot stomach fun then I strongly suggest you look away from this one.

I hope you enjoyed this line up! I plan on also doing a related YouTube blurb on this one too, so if you want to hear me chat a bit more in-depth about these titles, then feel free to watch that when it is up!

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3 thoughts on “The Month of Halloween is Upon Us… So Let’s Watch Appropriate Anime!

  1. Omg Soul Eater Not is my favorite of the 2 lol. I know not many people would agree but Soul Eater Not was a fantastic anime for me at least. The original Soul Eater is good but there’s something about the watered down version of a Maester and Weapon that’s pretty cool. Thanks for the other recommendations!

    -Luna 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Always! Glad that you enjoyed the list plus it’s always good to find someone else who liked Soul Eater NOT.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Another is such a terrific anime. One of the best horror anime series that I have ever seen, with an incredibly chilling atmosphere 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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