Why Finding The Right System For Blogging Matters

I have touched upon this notion very briefly over the past few weeks; even months. I wholesomely believe that finding a system that meets your needs for blogging, can in return, make that experience much more satisfactory than ever before. Be you a phone, tablet, computer desktop, laptop or future method of blogging, everyone finds someway to be comfortable with how they work. That is what makes blogging so much more engaged and meaningful. If the person is satisfied with their methods of blogging, then their work reflects that joyful glee.

For some it could be the convince of a cellular device or a tablet. Both items can vary in size and make, not to mention functionality. Some tablets like the iPad Pro 10.5 W/Apple Keyboard Cover make for a dynamic duo unlike anything else. Okay, maybe not that great. Microsoft’s Surface line up of devices can suffice that proper typing sensation. That is not to say I have not met bloggers who prefer the comfort of a touch screen keyboard. For them that is what works and that is what provides a most delightful method of interaction and engagement. Frankly speaking, these mobile devices offer even better portability than more traditional laptops; most of the time.

Some bloggers still even prefer the old pen and paper routine. 

When it comes to a laptop, almost anything will do. Sure you could go an grab a MacBook Pro 13.3 or Windows Streambook. Either end of that spectrum will do what you need. Others may be better built and more optimized, while the lesser option is more easily replaced and straight to the point. No one device is better at blogging than the other. Frankly I am sure you could blog on a potato if it where even possible. There are frankly so many choices to go with in this category that I believe most of us would fall to mental fatigue before anything else. Desktops can cozily fit into the same scenario. Just about anything in this category will do. What helps is the ability to pick a keyboard that fits you. Nothing beats a mechanical keyboard and nothing feels more satisfying; in my opinion at least.

When we are able to fit into something that directly reflects what we require, works of art can be produced. Getting the right keyboard, the right writing program and the right blogging service can make a world of difference. For me it happens to be at home with Apple Mac and iPhone product. No that doesn’t mean it is the end all be all. I have family members who write on older PC’s that fit what they need just fine. Sure there is always some room for improvement here and there for comfortability and performance; it just doesn’t matter as much for some.


So this post wouldn’t be complete without some product placement. The HP Streambook series has questionable longevity, but it perfectly meets any bloggers requirements. Sure the keyboard is nothing but mushy, but it gets the job done without breaking the bank.

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1 thought on “Why Finding The Right System For Blogging Matters

  1. I hate how on some laptops (think it’s just Lenovo) the right shift key is half-size. There were a couple of times I probably would have picked up one of their models if it weren’t for the crappy keyboard.

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