Why Do I Hate Amazon’s Anime Strike?!

In response to the article I posted about the fact that the forthcoming new season of, “Himouto! Umaru-Chan R” would be only streaming on Anime Stirke it got me thinking. Why do I hate Amazon’s Anime Strike? I mean it really doesn’t make much sense when one thinks about it. It is a new subscription service that is promoting more competition and diversity among the streaming industry. I am not at all bothered by them grabbing licenses for titles that I love. What bothers me as an anime fan is finding a justification to pay 4.99USD on top of a 99USD annual requirement.

Now yes, if you religiously shop through Amazon then is makes the most amount of sense. Having that Prime subscription is just an already existing facet in your daily life. You use the Prime Video service and you love the music option; why not add anime in for 5 USD? It is a steal for what you get—if you use the service. For someone, like myself, who maybe sparingly purchases from the website, you can’t justify the cost. I don’t make use of the website enough to warrant me needing Prime in the first place, so why would paying 105USD warrant it now?

Sure, even services like VRV are even more expensive month to month than Anime Stirke+Amazon Prime. Though one could argue I am getting all I want out of VRV and less of what I want out of Amazon. 

“But Kausus, you already pay 6.95 Per month for Crunchyroll! That’s like… 84USD.” You are right. In a year of paying for Crunchyroll I spend 84USD roughly. If I take the 105USD cost for Amazon Prime and Anime Stirke and divide that into a monthly payment, that is still 8.75USD a month. That is a buck-eighty difference. That may not seem like much but that buck-eighty adds up over the course of time. Maybe if I used the service enough I could see myself justifying a Prime membership cost. But just being an anime enthusiast, I can’t bear the though of having to pay 99USD just to get anime.

What are your thoughts on the service? Do you feel it is worth the price you pay? Would you grab Anime Strike if they separated the Prime membership requirement? Sound off in the comments down below! Personally I just am cheap and don’t like the fact that to get what I want, I have to dance through a damned paywall for. It would open up so many doors if they just allowed the service to be open to opting in for without an Amazon Prime required account…

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9 thoughts on “Why Do I Hate Amazon’s Anime Strike?!

  1. I had a post about Anime Strike’s lineup this past season that didn’t say a whole lot about how I feel about the service in general, but my decision to keep it for now is based a lot on what I talked about in that post.

    My wife has Prime so the extra $5 is easier to swallow. Honestly though, I have a feeling that I will increasingly be leaning toward dropping Crunchyroll at some point because I don’t want to pay for two anime subs.

    The only reason I would consider this is because of Amazon’s lineup. I hate that they don’t sell prime as a standalone service, I hate that they do exclusive streaming deals, and I hate their stupid stubtitle format that doesn’t work if more than one person is talking at a time. The only reason I can’t bring myself to drop the sub is because their shows have just been better for me all season, and it looks like that trend will continue into Fall.

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    1. I’m calling it! Amazon is really doing their research and is always sniping potentially popular or sequels of the already popular shows…

      So, they may just pop now but eventually people will no longer bat eyes on them.

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      1. They are very much so. Nothing wrong with the practice, it just causes the community some pain. Still haven’t seen Saekano S2 myself because of it…


    2. That is a very true stance. If it is there then it makes entirely perfect sense to hop on board that train. Granted I enjoyed VRV, but only have one sub for Crunchyroll was still enough for me. I can only hope that Amazon doesn’t continue to snipe some quality shows.


  2. The biggest issue I have is that if Amazon gets the exclusive, they don’t provide access in other countries so it pretty much means I can’t even pay to watch some of the shows they’ve streamed. Kind of makes you wonder what the long term plan for global streaming is and how long region locking is going to stay a thing.

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    1. Very true. It makes it more difficult for international viewers. Crunchyroll is at least a bit decent at negotiating streaming rights for various countries.

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  3. I’ve been a Prime members for years, and I’m disappointed that Strike isn’t included as part of my membership. Even at $5, I stream so little that it’s not worth it for me. There’s already Crunchyroll which can always be watched for free for anybody. With T-mobile now including Netflix for free, I can see them merging together in the veins of AT&T and DirecTV. Strike has a couple of series I’m interested in, but even to subscribe for a month or two, I might as well save money towards their home releases.

    I do love my Prime though. I like not worrying about reaching $25 for free shipping, and they often have a lot of Prime-only specials. Some months I don’t buy a lot from them, but other months I’ll go on binges.

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    1. That makes the most sense for a merge, but I doubt that. If they can make more money on the side, they will. Business is business after all.

      Good to know you enjoy your prime though!

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  4. I completely agree with you and more or less feel the same way.

    I rarely buy anything at all, let alone anything from Amazon, so I can’t justify the steep price for Prime.

    Because of this restriction, it almost feels as though Strike isn’t aimed at Anime fans. Instead it feels like an attempt to give Anime some sort of mass appeal, like Netflix, which is a terribly misguided thing to do because, outside of a few titles, it’s unlikely to ever happen.

    If they dropped the Prime requirement it would likely be worth paying for, but currently it isn’t, and the fact they seem to be snapping up some of the best shows every season is terrifying.

    It may be shameful, but at least torrents are an option.

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