Sentai Filmworks Annouce Himouto! Umaru-Chan R Will Be an Amazon Anime Strike Exclusive for the U.S.!

You read it right, this October 2017, we are finally getting a continuation to the superb series that is Himouto! Umaru-Chan! I am excited to go back into that lovable world with characters that are enjoyable and humorous. Where my excitement fizzles out is the exclusivity for Amazon Anime Strike for U.S. streaming—sigh.

Amazon’s competitive streaming platform for everything anime. It requires both an Amazon Prime subscription as well as an additional 4.99 subscription for the anime service.

Sure the Anime Strike program is great and amazing. I love seeing others break into the anime streaming scene… What I don’t like is that it is buried behind a 100USD Amazon Prime subscription PLUS another 4.99USD addition on top of that. If I payed that per month I’d be paying 1.80USD more for that service versus just using Crunchyroll. It makes no sense to me and it leaves me feeling angry over the situation. Regardless, at least we are getting the anime soon and at least it is being streamed on a fairly well received service; I just can’t afford to buy into that.

How do you all feel about this announcement? Do you buy into Anime Strike or are you like me, unwilling to pay that ghastly amount just for anime? Feel free to leave me a comment down below and I’ll catch you all in the next one.

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2 thoughts on “Sentai Filmworks Annouce Himouto! Umaru-Chan R Will Be an Amazon Anime Strike Exclusive for the U.S.!

  1. Princess Pricipal, Made in Abyss, and now Umar Chan R. Is sentai filmworks just giving all their titles to Amazon now?

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    1. I could have sworn it was announced cause I know Sentai is shutting down animenetwork, but they still want to make an impression.


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