Expect Delays While I Complete My Mac OS X Move!!

Hello, Kausus here yet again with another post concerning the full embrace of Apple’s Mac OS X system. If you failed to catch the post that. I threw up Yesterday then you can feel free to use the link provided here or down below.

So for starters you all can expect a continued lack of content focus on YouTube and SoundLink until I get what programs I need to grab. I am in the process of currently getting my PC vacated and dealing with the excess documents and programs. I’ve already got a video, photo and word processor on system so those moves shouldn’t be as big of an issue as it is for what content I’ll be able to dabble in and play around with. Gaming will be in question as I will have lesser access to mainline titles for computer based games. I will still be providing both PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch content as I can get it.

As far as our podcasting content is concerned, if I can’t get GarageBand to work for my needs, I’ll go back and dig out Audacity again. I know it works and it should just be installed by now, but I like trying new things. As with all things though it costs money to get professional programs and that will take sometime to grasp. Of course if you are for helping smooth the process along, we do have an official Ko-Fi page if you are for donations and supporting our cause. It’s not required, just helps me see stuff through sooner. I’ll be working on some content that talks about using an entirely continuous community of products, i.e. my iPhone and MacBook Pro 13. It know it has been done and been done professionally. I still think adding my two cents into the matter is always worth it. I mean, two heads are better than one yeah?

Beyond the full move I hope to have finally gotten back into the swing of watching anime again. I need to prepare for the return of the wonderful, Himouto Umaru-Chan. I do have some frustrations with where it is going and I will totally talk about that in a post later today.

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