I Like Mac OS X Better Than I Do ANY Windows Release!

I don’t ever really do a pure opinion based discussion, but I feel like addressing one issue that has been circling me like a hawk. That is the onset of me figuring out that I wholesomely prefer using my Apple MacBook Pro 13.3” (2016) more than I do my Windows 10 gaming desktop. Sure the gaming portion is an entirely different argument that I will tackle at a later period, but man… Mac OS X just feels so good. It’s even convinced me to sell my gaming pc!

It is best described, from my personal preference, as a good warm bath versus a cold and partially bad shower. I have never experienced so much profound joy for a laptop like device than I have with my MacBook Pro. It allows me to work on RAW image files out the box, without the need of a special program or to downgrade the image file. I can make professional-is looking videos and best of all, it is on par almost with my desktop PC. Now sure, I give up a mechanical keyboard, faster DDR4 RAM and a much better processor, but I gain beautiful optimization. I’ll leave the techie stuff for another post, but just know I am as pleased as I can possibly be.

I honestly stand by my stance. It just works SOOOO much better for my preferences. 

Everyone has an opinion on what system they prefer to work in. I know several Ani-Bloggers that function using Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS and Android ecosystems. Everyone is able to find a system that meets everything that they need and possibly more. For me having a quality workstation that feels solid is a sure-fire plus. I haven’t once sat there thinking, “Man I really wish I could do this like I could on Windows 10.” If anything they experience has been immensely positive and frankly, its pulled me closer to finding so much more joy within the connected Apple ecosystem. Key Apps work across my phone and MacBook Pro, while being able to AirDrop important files quickly is a nice addition.

There is so much more to the ecosystem that adds up to any enjoyable writing and creating experience that it is utterly hard to ignore them. Sure Apple charges way more for considerably sub-performing systems and the less than legal Hackintosh option is always an inviting temptation. For me, I am willing to pay for at least the optimized and quality built experience. Again you don’t have to shell out cash for your Mac you can easily do what I did and just special finance the system and slowly pay it off. It may not be foreoerone, but at least it is an option to consider.


I like the curated and exclusive applications that just work, I love the set of features that come with the operating system. It all adds up to something that I never really felt in a Windows powered PC… Enjoyment for what I am doing.

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