What It Takes To Start Blogging Part 2!!!

In partial response to the crushing success of the first post in the now series of posts, I figured I would revisit and expand on this topic. The topic of course being the exploration of what it takes to start a blog. Of course I am the best at following my own advice, but I feel like this sort of advice is crucial and helpful for aspiring or up-and-coming bloggers. Again you don’t need to be an anime-blogger or a gaming-blogger in order to benefit from a bit of advice; it goes in every direction.

First off take time away from the blog-slog. The dreaded feeling of not knowing what to do is something that will happen to us sooner rather than later. It is a phenomenon that strikes at our core and impedes our writing abilities. Just look at what has happened to me for the past few weeks. Getting burnt-out or uninspired are daily struggles that we must admit to facing. We just need to meet these struggles head on and with a plan in motion to combat them.

The biggest recommendation I can offer is just take sometime off from the blog. Recompose yourself and then take account of what you have done or what you have yet to accomplish. Your life will be better lived if you can keep your stuff in line. Sadly in blogging, you gotta burn-hard to make it far. Some may have more tactful luck in this scenario, but don’t let that sway you away from doing well.

Secondly, you should be open to trying different avenues of blogging when it comes towards topic choice. I cannot stress this more than I already have, but when you make a blog… DO NOT SHOE-HORN YOUR SELF INTO A NICHE TOPIC! You will forever regret it, especially when you have strained the capacity of your blog to account for the niche topic you are already talking about; heavily mind you. Having multiple avenues is a great asset to have. Bloggers like, Shay have even rebranded their existing platforms to account for a move into a broader category of blogging.

This broad approach may seem intimidating for good reason. It means jumbling more work and topic focus for a day or week. It also means you need to be fairly informed on a broad variety of topics. This isn’t going to be a tip for everyone, but it will come in handy once you tire over having to analyze anime ’plot’.

Thirdly I can stress that having a good network of bloggers can birth new ideas and fun collaborations. In life we all mutually benefit from cooperation and sharing of ideas. It helps us to bridge difficulties that we face on our own, as well as providing a fun grounds for collaborating. Voicing my opinion stems from my time with the WordPress Anime Community. It is not as huge as one would assume, but rather it is a closely knit community of casual watchers to high-caliber enthusiasts. We all write for the love of the topic we all enjoy and that is beautiful.

Don’t hesitate to comment or reach out to other bloggers in your network and topic of choice. It opens a door of promotion for you and that of the other individual you have approached. It also opens a door of expansion as the individual you’ve helped may also provide you a source of further inspiration.

Laslty figure out what helps you to write or focus on your writing. For many of us just finding that focus or help in writing can often mean the world. For one, I have to find a writing app of choice that makes it a delight versus a dread to type. I love Ulysses for this reason. I just don’t love the required subscription for mat they’ve moved towards. Writing apps come in all shapes and sizes. Some are universal and work across a multitude of devices i.e. Google Docs while others are tailored towards a preferred audience i.e. Ulysses. Each can interact with WordPress but both are not made equal. I love Ulysses for reasons that can’t compare to Google Docs. Then again, Google Docs has the ability to be accessed from ALL devices ranging from Windows to iOS. Just find out what works best for you.

Hopefully this helps further users interested in pursuing this new series of posts. I may dabble further into this topic down the road at a later point and time. For now I will remain content with what I have established and I hope that it is received just as well as the last one. If you would like to read the first post please feel free to click here!

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2 thoughts on “What It Takes To Start Blogging Part 2!!!

  1. The Dragon's Bazaar September 26, 2017 — 3:34 pm

    Hey OtakuGamerZone,

    I just read your least post mate and I again, find this helpful. A long time ago, I read a Q&A on Answerman from the famous “Anime News Network” about Anime burnout and your post reminded me of that. That Q&A was also helpful in taking a break and watching the Anime u love in recovering from this burn-out. Please keep coming out with your posts. Later.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The Dragon's Bazaar September 26, 2017 — 3:35 pm

    It’s okay too. Even the greatest of us Otaku will suffer from writer’s block from time to time.

    Liked by 1 person

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