Hiveswap Energizes My Point-And-Click Joy!

For those of you out there who remember the days where point-and-click style games where the jam; do I got a game for you. Hiveswap Act 1 is a game that comes to us from the minds at What Pumpkin Games and is the first for a game that brings to life Andrew Hussie’s Homestuck universe.

Disclaimer: I have never dabbled in the Homestuck series. I’ll keep my own biases aside, but just bear in mind. While I could dive deeper into the Homestuck series, that is not what Hiveswap was or ever will be for me. Now I can say that if you are an avid fan of the Homestuck series, then this game is going to stir up that passion you had when you first laid eyes upon the series.

What Hiveswap laid out for me personally was the refinement of the point-and-click genre. It is a love-hate genre that has had it’s up and downs; mostly downs from what I have played. Hiveswap remedies that with a game that gets your mind churning, while not presenting itself as overly complex. Sure the game is a point-and-click and yeah you will have some pretty tense and frustrating moments that arise in the game because of it, but I never once felt the need or urge to rage on it. The simplistic design is one that can open up a myriad of possibilities for player engagement.

The games simple user-interface is also a point that goes towards helping get the player into the action, versus out of it. The games premise was to take the fun of point-and-click’s without bringing in the overbearing—frustration that often came with them. I would say they did manage just that, although I still get that nagging sense of dread when I feel like I can’t find the right item combination.

What I adored the most out of this title, was just how gorgeous the music was. Toby Fox is a man with an innate talent and you all need to check out the official soundtrack when you got time. It adds a whole new dimension to the game and if you loved his work in the game Undertale then you will find a whole new reason to love this title. I personally feel that the music addition just exudes a depth that is in a realm of story-telling that is only rivaled by the in-game story that dives deep into the lore of Homestuck itself.


I do stress that maybe someone who is more familiar with the Homestuck franchise may get a better time with the story, I personally never felt lost or confused. I just sat with my drink of choice, enjoying the ride as I clicked away and followed the narrative. If you got time to kill, you may be able to beat this game in 2 or 4 sittings. It just really depends on how much free-time you have to kill on a game like this. I personally take long with my gaming style; not as spry and hip as I once was.

If you wish to sink your teeth into a game that brings back the joy of a point-and-click adventure with phenomenal music and style you can’t do any better than Hiveswap for only 7.99USD on steam and your other shop stores of choice. Also grab the soundtrack, You won’t regret the decision.

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