OGZ Lacking Content: WHY?!?

So if you haven’t noticed, I’ve been less and less active. That has to do with the fact that I am sadly burnt on anime. I’ve had struggles just convincing myself to sit down and watch something on a day to day basis. Gaming for me has taken more of a front-seat focus.

Sure I have been watching the Blu-Ray release of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and that has reinvigorated me. I just don’t know if it is practical for me to constantly chase new releases while drowning out titles that I’ve personally wanted to watch. I’ve been dribbling the idea of focusing on the titles I really want to watch and then addressing titles as I go. I may not be in the focus for new stuff, but I feel it would fit my focus a bit better.

Having a Nintendo Switch will help my gaming side as it is a niche item that I feel will keep me chugging for a long while. As far as PC games go, I may be running them down. Having found myself pushing further from PC gaming, it has become obvious that it just doesn’t fit my lifestyle any more. Mobility for me is important, and a laptop or handheld fits that beautifully.

However I will try my best to bring you all new and fresh anime content as soon as I am over this burned feeling. I’ve been too silent and it has affected me some. My day job has become trying, but not totally unbearable. Phone launches induce more livid and busy work than their needs to be, but at least it is something. Thank you to everyone who has been massively supportive of me and who have been helping to provide inspiration and joy.

Lastly, please consider checking out @milkgrrl over on Twitter. She is an amazing woman who loves what she does and has been a massive help to OGZ.. I don’t get any sort of kick-back from helping her out, other than a satisfied feeling of having helped someone who deserves to be helped.

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5 thoughts on “OGZ Lacking Content: WHY?!?

  1. Happens to all of us. Hopefully you find something that really sparks your interest!


  2. Feeling burnt out is nothing to feel ashamed of! If it’s any consolation, I’ve been watching a good amount of anime, but just not feeling like blogging about it. Maybe we’ll get like a double-inspiration-hit at the same time and both return to the keyboard for nonstop posting . . . Or at least, it’d be nice, right? In the meantime, I can catch up on all the great stuff you’ve already written! Hang in there, I eagerly await whatever comes next!


  3. Getting burnt out happens. I’d personally day just write about what you want to write about, and do so when you feel like it. No sense in forcing yourself after all

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  4. Lol, I paid for my own domain, I was so gung-ho to start a blog, and because I wrote my own schedule and wrote something up every Sunday, I always took Sunday off. Then got a new job and I don’t write my own schedule and I work Sundays and crazy times and the job is nuts so I don’t write every Sunday anymore or even once a week. *shrug* is what it is, life happens.

    Writing when convenient AND when you want to, that is the only point, because it is enjoyed.

    Enjoy a break!

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    1. Totally. We always have the best interest for what we do at heart, but then life gets in the way.


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