Destiny 2 Improves to formula to an 11!

It should come to no-ones surprise, at least the ones who know me physically, that I’ve loved Bungie ever since they worked on the Halo series of games. When Destiny 1 rolled around I was late to the show, but it was a show that was worth getting into later. I missed all the headache and woe of the rough launch and came in just as things were getting better.


Destiny 2, while lacking in the initial late game content, is much better for just getting into the game. With the first raid due to launch sometime tomorrow, I can say it is going to be a fun one. Bungie has clearly learned from their prior hiccups and have taken a fresh approach. For the uninitiated among you, Destiny has you in the roll of a Guardian, a character that fights for the light against the darkness. Being that it is Bungie there is a lot of background lore that goes into the game to further expand upon the branching universe. The game takes MMO standards and dashes it with FPS mechanics to create something wholesomely its own.

The game does have solo-play value, but it pushes a high premises on multiplayer connectivity and interaction. To engage in the tougher strikes or raids, you will need to be paired with 3-6 players in order to take part; baring the random Strikes where it is only you for the first-half. Aside from the multiplayer activities the single player story is leagues improved over the first entry in the Destiny series. It has more substance thanks to its cinematic narrative and the characters are more relatable than ever. Sure the player looking for just pure story and depth may need to look elsewhere as this games main-story arc can be completed in little than 8-12 hours, depending on how much you need to grind.

Speaking of grinds, like any good MMO before it, this title is no different. It holds much of the same framework as the first Destiny title, but ever so slightly refines the system. Levels cap out at 20 and power (formerly light) levels seem to hover near the 280 range. This larger number dictates what activities you may excel or participate in. This may be frustrating but it presents a require end-game grind of daily challenges and weekly challenges. While it may sound tedious, it feels less so. The new systems for player interaction is much better and the planet wide events that happen are actually a lot more challenging when you throw 8+ players into the mix. While launch month server issues are the main plaguing issue, the staunch lack of content for players that enjoy Player-Versus-Environment over PVP is depressing.


While I am sure content is coming soon to help flesh the PVE facet, if you are like me and hate PVP, that’s all that will be left for you to tackle. However as is the game has a lot of content going for it, when comparing it to the first titles respective launch. Destiny 2 can be enjoyed on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One now with a PC launch coming in October.

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