The Nintendo Switch After One Month!

One month of complete ownership has come and gone. Long have I waited for this moment to dive into detail about my time with the system. The Nintendo Switch is again unlike any other device before it. It is an amalgamation of Nintendo’s past consoles and everything else in-between. It fulfills the failed promise of Sony’s PS Vita of being able to provide a console gaming experience on the go. While it is surely underpowered, that has not dropped or stifled my expectations.

Playing a Legend of Zelda game for the first time since Windwaker’s release on the Nintendo GameCube has been heart warming and it has exceeded my wildest expectations. It’s like taking a bite of a food or a sip from a drink you’ve not had in quite some time. It was a brave step into a system that I long held in high-esteem during my childhood years and it is one that I am happy to back into. The Switch promises to switch up our expectations of what a home console can and should be. It provides the comfort of a couch gaming session, whilst also being able to be undocked and toted around for mobile joy and use.

Sure BOTW is a console seller (much like Super Mario Odyssey will be) but it is a heavy hitter and arguably the best Zelda game to date. 

Sure you could pack up your bulky Xbox or PlayStation, but doe you really want to? You’d have to dedicate more space for those consoles than you would a Switch. It is just a no brainer for me. I can say that while I primarily play in handheld mode (born from my love of Nintendo’s Handheld line up) I have also enjoyed the docked mode. It is seamless and it is effective when switching it up between the two modes of play. It is a small fact, but it is a big one that enjoyment comes forth from being able to pursue a style of play that speaks loudly to you. There is a reason why I have yet to play my PlayStation 4 and that is because I am enthralled.

The system itself isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, it does suffer from physical heat issues and has caused some units to warp. I personally have yet to see any sign of that, but my biggest concern stems from the loss of battery life. Will we come to a point, like with laptops or smartphones, where we have to keep the unit in docked mode? All lithium-Ion batteries have a finite charge life from where they all cease being as effective. This is a freighting situation that I feel more users have not addressed as of yet. My hope is for a quick fix solution when it does get to that point. Outside of my battery concern, their isn’t much else of note.

Honestly playing in all configurations is pleasantly fun and not too trying. 

Sure I wish there were a bigger library of titles to jump into, but that is the life of a new console adopter in year one of release. By this time next year I am sure it will be visibly easier to adopt and get into. My hopes is that Nintendo doesn’t decide to unveil an S model of Nintendo Switch. That would just cause salt from most of us. That being said, if it came with a much better battery, better case build and maybe a bump in performance, I’d totally trade-up for that.

So after one month my love obsession with the console continues to carry on strongly. I can say that I have a newfound appreciation for the company and the system; even though I still can’t bring myself to sell my PlayStation 4. I hope that by time I have had the system for a year, I will have a better perspective of the device.

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2 thoughts on “The Nintendo Switch After One Month!

  1. Awesome article! Not sure if this happens to you, but my battery life tends to be better on games I’ve digitally downloaded rather than games on physical cartridges. May just be a coincidence.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Not personally. I have only physical copies so it’s hard for me to actually gauge that


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