OGZ Is Going To a Festival!

So, for those of you with us last year, you may have read my prior post that talked about the Japanese Fall Festival at Mizumoto Stroll Garden in Springfield, MO. It was a blast and honestly something that I very much enjoyed the first time around. Well hold onto your paper fans and fancy kimono cause we are going to be there again! This time for three, whole days. Now It won’t be an all day ordeal but it will be a delightful one.

This time around I will be doing coverage as part of the local press and that is absolutely amazing and excellent. This year I will be trying to do a better job at vlogging, while covering the event. I need to expand my video base and try for a better goal. I will also be accompanied by the ever amazing, Lucia from Fruitless Cosplay. She will be debuting her cosplay of Kanna from Dragon Maid and Cyber-Eli from Love Live!. I can only hope to do her photos justice during the event.


As far as what is on the line-up, I would have to find that out the day of. Usually there is a tea ceremony, kimono try-on and of course Taiko Drum school of Saint Louis, MO will be present to provide authentic Japanese drumming, with an American sound and spin. They have always provided a lively experience each and every year. I also hope that we have another guest performance on the scope of the broadway group that was invited out last year. I can say it was funny and thrilling. One thing is for sure, I will be having a ton of fun yet again.

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