The Nintendo Switch Has Revitalized My Gaming Roots!

I started gaming in the late nineties on the phenomenal console that was the Sega Genesis. It was big, black and glorious. It opened the door to gaming and it remains a piece of hardware that has left me in fanciful wonder over gaming. It opened a pandora’s box that was only furthered by my introduction to Nintendo’s line of handheld units and home consoles. I would eventually fore-go that route in favor for Microsoft and eventually Sony.

This ride or experience have you, has been eye opening and engaging. Currently I have up to the PS4 and gaming focused PC. The fundamentals to most gaming enthusiasts setup. Yet I’ve grown hopelessly distanced from both systems for separate reasons. Rather than playing a PC game, I tend to focus on the content creation side of things. For my PS4 I find myself cornering myself with one or two niche titles and then nothing more. The system has more or less become a Blu-Ray focused device. Then waltzes in the Nintendo Switch. I have never been more enamored by a system, like I have been with the Switch.

If you follow any of my work for Viewster you will understand just how much I love the thing. It hits and scratches everything that I wanted from a console. Don’t get me wrong I love PC Gaming, it opens up larger doors, but it is far from perfectly portable. The Switch does this so wonderfully and it already has a base for on-demand multiplayer. Sure the battery life could be better, but I would argue you would see similar performance with a gaming PC. Yes the PC has much more power and you can truly flesh out games till your hearts content. The Switch will never have that unfortunately.

What the Switch has going for it is portability, quality titles and a revitalization for this worn out gamer. I’ve only been gaming for close to 12-13 years and I’ve never found more joy out of a system like I have for the Switch. Having the most powerful machine was never a massive focus in my life and I have never found myself clamoring after the biggest 4K gaming beast, I just wanted to play what current games I could play with minimal effort. The Switch can offer the beauty and vistas I want, but in a form factor that makes gaming more enjoyable. I love it and I love the faults that the console has so far. I can’t find a solid reason to be mad at the thing.

While this topic has been of glowing response towards Nintendo’ Switch I can say that the console isn’t without it’s own set of issues. I’ll talk about those in a post that will be up on Viewster for you wider media consumption.

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