JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Set 1 blu-ray is a beauty to behold

I have a soft spot for this anime series and when I got my review copy sent to me from the fine folks behind Viz Media; let’s just say I was a kid in a candy store. This limited edition release for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Phantom Blood & Battle Tendency is utterly gorgeous and downright beautiful.

Coming in at a wallet wrenching 69.99USD, it is no cheap collectors item. That being said, any supporting JoJo enthusiast would be wrong to not add this to their collection. This limited edition run features the first two seasons on four Blu-ray Disc’s that showcase art from both the seasons. The next item, which melted me away, was the Key Animation art book. While it is a step away from actually getting a key frame, this art book is WORTH every single penny for this edition. Being able to look at the rough details of the animation work just screams glory and joy.

Rounding out the limited edition is the final group and that is the included art cards. While I am not a rabid collector, a part of me does not wish to break the plastic on these magnificent items which feature images of the Joestar’s and accompanying cast. The last detail is that of the beautiful box that houses the Blu-Ray and art items. It is magnificent in its finish and is a fine hunk of cardboard. If you are keen on grabbing this do so while you can! Being that it is a limited edition, I don’t know how long this run will last us. You can purchase it from a myriad of retailers; My local Best Buy even carries it. Big shout out to Viz Media for again sending this out to us!

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7 thoughts on “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Set 1 blu-ray is a beauty to behold

  1. Oh wow. $70 is not cheap, but at least it wasn’t in the hundred dollar range. That would make me cringe. It looks cool.

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    1. Indeed it would! I’m very thankful I got it for free as a review copy!

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      1. Oh wow. That’s doubly awesome! Go you. I’m envious.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah! I’m quite lucky and gracious!

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  2. Great post dear 😊😊 Love JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure x x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Yes, JoJo’s is such an impeccable master-piece.

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      1. Your welcome dear 😊😊 Yes, most definitely x x

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