What’s New For OGZ!

Figured I’d do one these update posts as I have not managed one for sometime now. Currently I am taking a sort of mini-break from most anime watching. I am still watching a few current ones, just not as much as I normally do. I have been focusing more on providing better content for our YouTube Channel. That has been my focus as of late as I want to provide you all with better and diverse content. I’ve found it to be more engaging, but also more demanding as it pushed me to figure out how to make good content.

With that comes stress in figuring out how to feature content. Considering that I work on a budget for all I do, I have to get creative or hope that I can get a review copy. That being said I have had to make cuts, most notable being our WordPress Pro Subscription. It frankly was not worth it as our ad-revenue was losing out to ad-blockers and more. That being said you can expect to see me focusing more on plugging my Ko-Fi and Amazon Affiliate links where ever I can. It is immensely helpful and I thank everyone who has purchased and donated thus far!

That all helps in being able to provide more content and more discussions. Running on fumes is the last thing I need. Outside of content featuring and creation there are a few upcoming events, most notable among them being the local Fall festival. This festival celebrates Japanese culture and is a chance for the local otaku and culture enthusiasts to gather. I will be covering it to the best of my abilities and I hope that manages to add a bit of spice and variation.

Beyond that I do have the next big convention, that is NebraskaKon later this November. That will be an experience and one that I hope is also a learning one. Fruitless Cosplay is the one spearheading this trip and I look forward to working outside my comfort zone.

Beyond all of that, that is it for OGZ! I can’t say I have much else planned as it all sort of just happens when it happens. I’ll plug our latest videos from YouTube here so you all can enjoy them and be sure to follow, like, subscribe, comment and share these links! It all goes a long way and I can say I am EXTREMELY thankful everyones support.

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