Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild Review

Link is always a relatable character. Over sleeps for several decades only to find himself naked and afraid. Well—maybe not entirely afraid, but still naked; partially. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild is a Zelda game like no other. Blending open-world design with progressive choice in questing, this game has a lot to offer. It teeters a fine line for many die hard fans of the series by coasting away from how it usually presents it’s given gameplay scenario and mechanics. Does it pay off in the end?

Game mechanics that breathe a fresh breath of air into the aged series. Now don’t misunderstand my view on the Zelda series. I have been a fan ever since the Nintendo Game Cube days with the wonder that was The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker and subsequently Ocarina of Time & Majora’s Mask. I cannot say that I have been a hearty fan of the series, but it was Windwaker that started a mild obsession with the franchise. With this latest entry into the series, I am beginning to fall in love all over again. Windwaker showed me how diverse and prolific an adventure in Zelda can and could be.

Breath of The Wild entranced me from the moment I set foot from the chamber you start the game in. It dropped me into a aged Hyrule both naked and afraid. With little to call my own I set out gathering twigs and what ever I could grab. Finding that the game had cooking mechanics that brought out the healing properties in food or that having good clothing was also there to keep me warm or cool was icing on a delicious cake. Weapons and shielding degrade and the enemies of the land are susceptible to the elements and same depredations. It is the first time I played a game of this caliber and for myself utterly wowed. Fallout 4 pales in comparison to survival mechanics, but still manages to have a few options up its sleeve; like food, water and sleep bars.

Breath of The Wild even has stellar combat. While still very much a Zelda way of doing things, it allows you to be more open with your tactics. Drop bombs on sleeping enemies or loose forth a fire arrow to begin a flaming frenzy. Maybe you want nature to take its course with the aid of some boulders or the wild life itself. The game is brilliant in the styles it gives the player and everyone can find something they like here. I especially love the fact that I can go and retrieve arrows that missed their marks after a quick skirmish is said and done. It’s just oddly satisfying and pleasing.

As far as the motion controls are concerned, they work just fine. I am however not a sold fan of them. I like my traditional joystick control and maneuvering too much. While fellow co-workers and associates have expressed comfortable use with them, I still find them too iffy. With that being said, hats off to Nintendo for giving us options in approaching to how we also physically, play the game.

A Zelda story that feels at home in this brave, new Hyrule. By now the seasoned player is quite used to seeing the local kingdom of Hyrule in various forms and states. This version has been aged and holds many secrets and treasures to be found. The story is all about uncovering and taming ancient powers. While I refrain from ever talking too much about the story of a game, this ones plot is within the title itself. The wilds of Hyrule play a massive role and how you tame it and conquer it is up to you.

The aged roads are only suggestions on what routes to take and frankly how you go about engaging with the story is entirely up to you. Wish to travel to the far north? Go for it! Looking for the sandy lands of the Gerudo? Go for it! The trail you blaze is only limited by your health, clothing and armament. That and your interest in the latest female Gerudo fashion. Ultimately, after all is said and done with exploration and wander you must face the evil calamity that is Calamity Ganon.

A sword that is only as strong as its wielder. When it boils down to it, a sword is only as strong as its wielder and a game it’s console. Breath of The Wild runs immaculately on the Nintendo Switch console as it should. Sure there is some issue with matters concerning draw and render distance. The console isn’t built to be a power house of a machine like the other consoles in the line up. No the Nintendo Switch is focusing on substance and tried &true fun behind a beloved series; whilst evolving the platform further.

As far as OGZ’s verdict is concern: This game is a MUST OWN For any Switch or Wii U owner.

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