Stephanie Yanez Is Back With a Magical Cover!

For those of you love great singers, cover artists and magical anime—you’ll love Stephanie Yanez’s latest cover song. This song in particular is a rendition of the massively popular song from the Sailor Moon anime series. What’s even better about this is that the actual companies behind all things Sailor Moon graced this with a green light! AWE YEAH!!!

The song in particular is called 歌ってみた!】ムーンライト伝説(Moonlight Densetsu) and was THE opening song for the original run of the Sailor Moon anime series. Frankly you all must have heard or at least seen this anime. It is the magical girl anime and frankly it still holds up so well to this day.

Stephanie Yanez is a United States local with a passion for fashion, anime and singing. She uses her talents to cover great songs and to create her very own masterpieces. She is a wonderful person to engage with and I encourage you all to check out her latest music video.

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5 thoughts on “Stephanie Yanez Is Back With a Magical Cover!

  1. Wow she is amazing. I am happy to see her come back and sing more anime songs. 🙂

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  2. She really has an amazing voice. Thank you for sharing this one 😊

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  3. Always love a good Moonlight Densetsu cover! 🙂

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