OGZ Impressions: Nintendo Switch

Imagine you had a handheld that held the power of a console inside of it, but still maintained its portable form-factor. Maybe you had higher hopes for other portable consoles or maybe you wanted something more out of your Nintendo handheld. The latest and quite possibly greatest system from Nintendo yet and that is the Nintendo Switch. Note that this will not be a review of the actual system, just my impressions so far of the console.

One thing that smacks me in the face is just how much the system meets what I have always longed after. Growing up I was overly fond of the Nintendo GameBoy Color and that was the system for me. Not to mention it was the only system I had for a long while until I got the Nintendo 64 system. Still, nothing beat the ability to take my GameBoy Coloron the road with me for endless amounts of fun. While the future handheld that I got were good, they could never beat the quality of a console.

The Nintendo Switch is surely that and so much more. It feels like a system that is both familiar, friendly, fun and unlike anything we have witnessed in the market thus far. Sure, Nintendo always walks a path that is less than travelled and they do stumble. Still, that isn’t to say that this console ha snot seen superfluous success during it’s first year of circulation. With mad pre-order dashes to on-going supply and demand issues, the Switch is one hot cookie.

For good reason too. It just works. From the great tablet experience to the console experience. It just feels like it is finally the best of both worlds. Now yes, we will still see some support on the DS line of systems. This does remain to be seen as the push for the Switch is something that Nintendo hasn’t done for any console in recent memory. They want the system to succeed and their advertising is testimony towards that. Frankly it has worked and worked well; quite possibly too well… It sure has the market running around in a tizzy trying to find ones that have yet to be picked up or claimed.

Now yes the system is lacking in diverse content due to just only being 6 months old. The system has time to grow and build up its library and It is frankly on the right footing, it just has to fight to keep those third parties under its belt of influence.

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18 thoughts on “OGZ Impressions: Nintendo Switch

  1. Valentino Senpai August 6, 2017 — 1:13 pm

    I’m not gonna lie, the Switch seems pretty lit but for it’s price and the lack of interesting don’t justify paying $400 at this point in time. If they get some better first party games and cut that price by about $50-$100 then me and a bunch of other people would be willing to cop one.

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    1. I wholeheartedly agree. Which is why I am waiting to review it later in the year. I need other games to review along side it too.

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      1. Valentino Senpai August 6, 2017 — 1:22 pm

        Honestly they should’ve been had more games out by now, it’s like they weren’t really even ready to release the console, and I think they only have like 2 or 3 big games slated for the fall and early winter.

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      2. That could be a reason. I firmly believe that it wasn’t until the market knew it was going to perform well. Cause they were riding off the flounder that was the Wii U unfortunately. I think Nintendo is just going to try to desperately hold onto those third party publishers.

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      3. Valentino Senpai August 6, 2017 — 1:30 pm

        Most likely but it made the console less desirable for many people who aren’t the Nintendo faithful who pretty much saw overpriced console with no good games.

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      4. True. I wouldn’t consider myself a longtime Nintendo fanboy, but the Switch represented the perfect blend of handheld and console grade games on the go. That was enough of a notion for me.

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      5. Valentino Senpai August 6, 2017 — 2:12 pm

        For me I wanted more quality first party games, the portability didn’t mean much to me.

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      6. A good point to have on it as well

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  2. I’m hoping they have a good bundle when Odyssey comes out as that would be the perfect chance for Nintendo to entice a bunch of new users. They’ll get me on board as well if the price is right. It sounds like the actual console is pretty solid (Interface and all) so it just needs the games. A Triple A title like that will certainly help a lot.

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    1. Yup! Just be mindful of online games. My nat type unfortunately doesn’t allow me to play splatoon 2 at all. Just found that out today.

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      1. Oh, that’s good to know. I hadn’t heard about that before. Strange that the Switch would have a big issue like that


      2. Right now it’s only with Splatoon 2 for me.


  3. I love that Splatoon case!


    1. Thank you! Sadly cannot play splatoon 2 cause of Nintendo’s odd nat type connection issues….

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      1. It was my pleasure and your review is very helpful for everyone wanting to buy one.

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      2. I try to be as diverse with my opinion as I can possibly be.

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