I gotta level with you all off the bat. I had to do something very, very bad to get this Nintendo Switch. I traded in my PS Vita…. Now before you all quickly jump up and point to my recent, “Why I Still Own a PS Vita in 2017” post, it’s not exactly what you think. Sure, I do not physically own a PS Vita handheld; I do happen to own a PS TV though. While it is not the handheld system that many tout as superior to the Nintendo 3DS, it still has the guts of a PS Vita. It just means that I am relegated to playing it when I am at my desk or near it.

So yes, I grabbed a Nintendo Switch and it is going to arrive on Tuesday. I am beyond stoked and excited to finally be returning home. I grew up like many of you, on a Nintendo system. It started with my late Nintendo Gameboy Color Atomic Purple and then my N64. It was the first gaming console that was personally mine. Those two systems were all the fun and entertainment that I needed in life. I sunk so many hours into each of those system. The last home console that I actually had was the Nintendo GameCube and the New 3DS XL was the last handheld console.

This new console represents the first time in almost a decade that I have had a Nintendo home console. It is insane to think about that fact and it has me giddy and anticipating a bitter-sweet reunion. The Nintendo Switch that we grabbed was the Splatoon 2 bundle that ships with the neon colored Joy-Con’s, Splatoon 2, Snipperclips and the Splatoon 2 carrying case. It has me excited to feature all of this in an unboxing and I was really lucky. In a mere two days after I ordered mine, the bundle dropped off and was replaced by an option that includes just the grey Joy-Con version with just Splatoon 2. Sure it is cheaper but I lose out on an accessory that is pretty handy.

The Nintendo Switch has launched to feverish sales and ludicrous demand for the system has lead to shortages. The system itself favors the ability to be a handheld when you want it and a home console when you need it. It also represents the first Nintendo console that is region-free. This means you can by PAL, North American or Japanese releases and play it on your Switch that you bought in your home country. This is excellent and joins my love for consoles that are region free. You can expect to see an unboxing and several videos on the Nintendo Switch once we get our grubby hands on it.

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3 thoughts on “I GOT A NINTENDO SWITCH!!!

  1. Didn’t read, but first.

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  2. Well, I guess it’s a good thing that more Vita games are PSTV compatible! I couldn’t give up my Vita though. It’s just much easier for me to understand Japanese with headphones and up-close text.

    Plus, I still can’t believe how much easier things like the “$%&%^* Chocobo Dodge and Lighting Chaser from FFX are on Vita than a console.

    Anyway, enjoy your Switch! Do love the Splatoon print.

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  3. Enjoy the Switch!

    It’s a great piece of kit!

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