Kuroko No Basket: Dribbling to Your Dreams! Dunking For Gold!

Recently I got together with the cosplayer. Fruitless Cosplay to start my exposure, my baptism in sports anime. We opted to start with the phenomenally-exciting Kuroko No Basket. This anime was of course handled marvelously by the studio Production I.G. who are renowned for their work on Attack on Titan with supporting art, while also being the primary animators for Haikyuu!!. While I have never been one for sports or anime related to sports, I found myself surprisingly hooked. The animation starts a tad rough, but it does improve quickly. Not to mention the music is pretty fresh. So what is the craze about this anime? Well, there is quite a lot that is going on for it court side.

The anime is phenomenally played out with it’s various themes. There are a few of them that stand out for me. One such theme is exemplified through Kuroko himself and that is finding a place where one belongs. A place where one can push to succeed at their dreams while creating a place of growth and support. We all clamor for something that Kuroko has been seeking ever since his middle school days. That in itself is just amazing and frankly quite personal for many of us out there. We always want to be accepted in the groups that we work in and are around. It has a lot of deeper meaning for what we as people crave and need.

The other side to the theme side of the story is that we see several of the players, specifically Kagami and Kuruko, as they each have aspirations to meet. One is for being the best player in all of Japan while the other just wishes to be among a group of passionate players who love basketball as much as he does. All of us have an aspiration, even if we don’t visibly have one to begin with. It can be the most simplest of objectives or the grandest of them all.

I really adore the actual soundtrack to the series as a whole. The sounds are dynamic, gangsta feeling and fresh enough that it doesn’t stale after each episode. Sure I am only just 8 episodes into the series, but Kuroko No Basket is continuing to impress me with as I round every corner of the show. Another phenomenal addition to the show is the animation. Sure it looks like most of the budget for 3D animations went right into the actual basketball nets and hoop rings. That aside the actual action scene animations are delightfully juicy. The active animation style is needed and I feel that Production I.G. has managed to do a phenomenal job in brining to life the action of the court.

Will this be an anime that continues to enthrall me? Will the sporty nature of this anime have me on edge or turning in my basketball for my cozy computer chair? Only time can tell and plus I don’t think that Fruitless Cosplay will let me off the hook easily. You can catch Kuroko No Basket over on Crunchyroll or VRV for your streaming pleasure!

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