Why I Still Own a PS Vita in 2017

This question comes up more often than not in discussions that I have in regards to gaming. Why do I still bloody own a Sony PS Vita in 2017?!? Well there are a couple of reasons why.

Having a system that grants me access to some killer JRPGs is one reason. This is essential to me and is frankly one of the primary reasons why I got one to being with. The caliber of JRPGs that is on this handheld is second to none; baring the PS4. Titles like Persona is one massive, compelling reason to have one as it nets you access to Persona 1-4. Those title in themselves are a great boon to any gamer looking for hours of play/replay value.

It also has access to the classic PS One library of games. This is essential for a gamer like myself who never owned the quintessential console that helped to define a generation of consoles. They are cheap, fun and feel so at home on the handheld system. Tying back into the Persona series of games, I am able to have the chance to play those classics without needing anything else!

Now yes, the PS Vita is in a peculiar situation where it is essentially a neglected child. Sony acknowledges it, but does nothing to really help prop it up. With that being said, the system does have a leg up with indie developers and smaller studios that lovingly publish for it. We get lovely gems like Freedom Wars or Gravity Rush to play and enjoy. That being said, I still deeply wish that we still had some first party support for the system.

Would that mean I would recommend the system? It would depend on the situation. The system is cheaper and worth every penny. The cost to get into a PS Vita is pretty cheap these days and nothing like it was a few years back. With that all being said, one could entirely opt into a Nintendo Switch for a a bit more and have an actual home console experience on the go.

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2 thoughts on “Why I Still Own a PS Vita in 2017

  1. I *love* my Vita. P4G and some other titles were already worth the purchase, but it continues to be a visual novel platform with new releases even now. I wish it got more love in the states.

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  2. I love my PS Vita and my PlayStation TV! And I still have two PSPs I won’t get rid of either. I sold my fat Vita since I wanted a Slim one, and I missed it so much.

    Interestingly enough, my local Walmart suddenly found a Vita just after I won one on eBay. It’s still sitting there, waiting for someone to play all the awesome games.

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