VPN’s and Paid Streaming

So here you are watching your favorite show while on vacation in Japan. You come back home to the United States to hop back on Netflix to watch the other twelve episodes of Little Witch Academia. Only to find that you don’t have access to them! Well no worries, you invested in a VPN that gives you better security and access to multiple IP address options for different countries. You switch it on over to Japan’s and…. BINGO! The next twelve are there and good to go; so you thought.

The sad reality of this situation is that VPN’s are actively blocked by streaming services, like Netflix. But wait I’m paying them already for their service. Surely I should have full right to stream while on another IP address. Well this is something of a grey, legal area for most in the industry and among consumers. I mean after all, we are legally paying for it so we should get unimpeded access to the library of titles that said service offers.

In a perfect world we should be able to achieve this with the use of a VPN service like Private Internet Access, however that is far from the case. When streaming platforms sign for license deals for streamable titles they have to abide by rules set in place for what country this license is covering. So in essence these streaming sites have to abide by them, even if we are paying for a full subscription. Mind you your Netflix account will still work even when you are in another country. It just happens to switch over to that local one.

Then… why doesn’t it work with a VPN? Well… that is a bit beyond me. The error code that ones gets is a proxy based one, since your IP address is more secured and locked. This in itself may cause some issues and is why your account is not able to access the streaming content for Japan, even though you can simply fly over and still use your same account on an open network. It’s a bit annoying to be frank, but that is just the way it simply is.

So if you think that your VPN service will allow you to watch all you want through your paid streaming service… think again!

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1 thought on “VPN’s and Paid Streaming

  1. Valentino Senpai July 17, 2017 — 2:56 am

    I found this out months ago and it was really annoying that services like netflix and hulu are blocked when you use a VPN


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