Studio TRIGGER’s Stellar Anime Projects Announced at AX2017!!!

*Updated for new PV Image for, “Darling in the Frankxx”.*

Click-bait title aside, I was STOKED and immensely excited to see these three anime titles finally announced. Sadly no Kill la Kill season two was announced, but I think I can let that slide—for now.


First off we have a A-1 Pictures and Studio TRIGGER partnership. Try to let that one sink in. Two phenomenal studios working hand in hand on a glorious anime project Darling in The Frankxx. The only detail we could gleam from this was that it would be a science fiction styled show.

*updated for new PV and PV image*

Secondly we got the second anime, Gridman, which will be TRIGGER’s take on the Ultraman series. While Ultraman isn’t a series I am too familiar with, I have to say it intrigues the heck out of me! I love how open TRIGGER has been with working on collaborations and I cannot think of a reason not to love it.

Lastly we have the big cheese, Promare, TRIGGER’s new original anime. Hiroyuki Imaishi describing this anime as KILL LA KILL meets Gurren Lagann. OKAY GOING TO LEVEL WITH YOU ALL. This anime has me insanely hyped with a description like that. Two of my all time favorite titles being married into one awesome series? HELL YEAH! All I can hope is that we get this series soon and on a simulcast platform like Crunchyroll, Funimation or VRV.

While the panel was short and sweet, the brilliant minds behind Studio TRIGGER did talk shop about Little Witch Academia and how they would love to continue the series further! This is just grand news and I look forward to seeing what comes from it all.

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1 thought on “Studio TRIGGER’s Stellar Anime Projects Announced at AX2017!!!

  1. Gridman looks pretty cool! I’m not to familiar with ultra man but I know he turns into a Kaiju size man and fights Kaiju, but his helmet looks very Gundam like here !

    Liked by 1 person

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