Finding What Matters Most In a Mundane Life: Sweetness and Lightning

We all face those existential crises where we face daunting odds or crushing defeat. Often we wander looking for a meaning, a purpose to turn the mundane into something fantastic. Kōhei Inuzuka is a father who knows this all too well. The cyclical school pattern, the boxed meals and a life of grading papers day in and out. He does have one purpose in life. One massively defining purpose that inspires him to continue doing his best. His daughter Tsumugi Inuzuka.

Having something of that caliber is more than enough for many individuals in life. Some may seek a sense of self-gratification to fill a void of purpose. Others may dabble in hobbies, but not Kōhei. For he has a daughter who is the last remaining memory of his departed wife and the reason he continues to wake each and every morning. In the manga and anime Sweetness and Lightning, Kōhei’s should purpose becomes learning to cook his daughter homemade meals like his wife used to do.

This simple act of making a home cooked meal and seeing the joy it brings his daughter is something that we all crave and seek. Finding what matters most to us is important We often spend our time drastically searching for it, but can never quite find or reach it. Kōhei struggles with this aspect of improvement at first, but with the help of a fellow pupilKotori lida he manages to create the most delicious food he’s had.

We may not have the luxury of always having someone to rely on, like Kotori lida to help us cook our problems away. Most of the time we struggle to swim through a ragged sea of storms in the vein hope that we might find something out there. Some sense of meaning to this otherwise mundane life. I wholly believe that through Sweetness and Lightning a person can come to realize just what happiness and meaning they have. You learn to look at the simple things in life.

These can range from sketches, to writing, to playing games or even cooking. Your imagination and perseverance is the only limiting factors. Life is full of surprises and can best be enjoyed with an open mind and a path to walk. Even if there doesn’t seem to be an easy route, ford your own path towards your ideal situation. That’s what Kōhei has done for himself and it has even had far-reaching effects on those closest to him.

Frankly we all will forever be on the search for what matters in our lives. We may even go through many situations of feeling like we found the meaning we have been after. It may turn out to be something entirely different that we didn’t envision ourselves after. Sometimes it can be a delightfully beautiful surprise or the most lovingly made hamburger steak ever made. You can watch Sweetness and Lightning over on Crunchyroll or You can check out our written review on the anime.

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