OGZ Is Moving To VRV!

Exciting times are afoot my intrepid readers! Today marks a change in my anime streaming life and one of content selection for posting. With the advent of streaming platform VRV I believe I finally have the best of both worlds, in one account.

For those of you in the dark, VRV is a platform that was founded by Crunchyroll’s Parent Company, Ellation and basically crams everything savory about anime into one awesome platform. Is this a replacement for Ellation’s latter creation? No, they will still operate Crunchyroll as is. VRV is essentially a hub for all other services and that is grand! It means I don’t need an account on each site that they have featured in order to enjoy their content.

For myself this means I get access to content I love such as Tested, Critical Role, Funimation and Crunchyroll. It is hard to not love this change and as such it is hard to say that I will be dropping my premium sub to Crunchyroll. I have been using the service religiously since I first entered University back in 2011. I have to say it is hard leaving behind a primary service that I have known for such a long time. Though all good things must be left behind in order to venture onwards ever more.

To start this transition off I am finally getting to enjoy Boku No Hero Academia in all its English Dubbed goodness. I can frankly say that this is a solidly dubbed series that everyone should be open to experiencing. What is even better is how minimalistic this VRV streaming platform is and that is wonderfully awesome to behold.

If you are curious about the service you can try risk free for seven days and then from there on out the premium service combo will cost 9.99USD. There is still a free option with advertisements for those working with a budget. Also one thing to note is that the service is only situated for United States streaming at this current moment and time.

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1 thought on “OGZ Is Moving To VRV!

  1. So instead of paying for funimation and Cunchyroll it’s both platforms rolled into one Awesome Roll?

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