Valkyrie Drive PC Edition Continues to Get Things Right!

When you find yourself pitted against society as dangerous weapons, what is one to do? Well for one, you could be whisked off to an island because you have just contracted the A-Virus (Armed Virus). It’s perfectly fine though as it is non-lethal; at least to you. In the world of Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni there exist two types of ladies who have contracted the A-Virus, Extras and Liberators. The Extras are the ones who can becomes weapons, which are then wielded by the Liberators in combat use.

This unique mechanic can only be achieved via one, teeny, tiny condition: the Extra must become sexually aroused. This arousal will allow them to transform into their weapon of choice… awkward I know. Now I will be forward, this game plays pretty much on par with something like, Senran Kagura and that is should. It is made by the same company and as such the quality aspect will be present. Unlike Senran Kagura, Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni is a bit different in it’s mechanics—I quite like it.

Where this title differs from it’s latter half is by just how you interact with the characters and how your ‘weapons’ work. Now sure, it is a bit more cringing seeing some Yuri love on a big screen versus a sparkling ninja transformation. IF you can look past the obvious cringe-factor then you have a very solid performing game. That is also a strong aspect of the game, it is a solid performer and in our play time we experienced little to no bugs. Can you say, “Perfect optimization and mechanics”? Cause I sure as well can.

Question of the day is where does this title differ on the PC versus the PS Vita title before it? Well it actually doesn’t. The most obvious aspect to note is the solid, under the hood improvements that the game does get when going to PC. For one, you can enjoy the game at a much better, 60FPS, versus the lower capped 30FPS. Does it make a lick of difference for the gameplay experience? I would argue yes. The games visuals also received a modest bump to higher resolutions and as such, it looks and plays amazing.

If this is a title that you feel will fit your interest and play style, then grab it. It plays immensely well and it fits any resolution that you can throw at it. I still however feel that this title is phenomenal on the PS Vita. I just have an unfortunate preference towards handheld devices. That being said do not let this discourage you from buying this game on Steam. The 60FPS is enough for any gamer to grab this title for the buttery smooth animations and fights. Nothing feels more refreshing.

You can purchase this game from Steam if you are after the PC version. If you want it on the PS Vita then feel free to use this provided link!.

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