OGZ Builds A Gundam For The First Time!

It was bound to happen sooner or later, but yes I have finally built a bloody Gundam. The model kit we opted for was the only option from our local Barnes and Noble and that was the Gundam VIDAR 1/100 Full Mechanical. A mouthful yes, but a delightfully gorgeous one at that. It took a whole four hours to build and it was the very first time I ever jumped into a model kit; thank goodness no glue was needed.

The kit itself wasn’t too expensive and while it was only option one of two, I am glad that I had an option to choose from nonetheless. Rather then yammer on about how long and how intricate to build, why not watch it?

With that out of the way, I am utterly pleased with how it turned out. Sure using a box cutter was pretty crude and horrid, but it did the job. I have unfortunately stumbled into situations where the blade died cut a bit into the model… I am sure someone out there in Gunpla land just died a little bit. However they were on pieces that are either covered or out of sight; so no biggie.

I have learned a lot from this very first build and I can say that I am eager to start watching the Mobile Suit Gundam series and the many standalone options. I do plan on featuring more Gundam builds in the future so let us know what you want to see! If you are of course interested in purchasing the kit for yourself, feel free to use our Amazon Affiliate links

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8 thoughts on “OGZ Builds A Gundam For The First Time!

  1. I just bought my first Gundam Wing kit two weeks back (a guntank from the classic series). I have yet to assemble the kit, but it looks really cool, and I myself am pretty happy that I don’t need glue either 😊 Your model looks seriously cool as well. I honestly already have way too many hobbies, so I am hoping this won’t turn into a new addiction lol😂 But for now, I stil don’t regret the buy.

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    1. Awesome to hear! Yeah, I really adored this build and the kit itself. Not needing glue is a godsend; honestly.

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  2. Glad to see you enjoyed the build, and now you’ll be consumed by the never ending lust of having more models! MUAHAHA

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  3. Also the extra bits you mentioned in your video are normal for most builds. Many kits re-use the same runners from other similar kits, in this case it re-uses runners from the Grimgerde. On a mass production stand point this makes sense to save on production costs instead of casting a new runner sans the extra bits. In the end its great for us because it gives us tons of extra parts for scratch building or testing out new techniques or paint schemes.

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  4. Oooooooh! Good job, Kausus. Looks good.

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    1. Thank you, Arria! Maybe we should get you to build one? 😉

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      1. Oooooh. Maybe. We’ll see. I’m not going to say never. It looks fun.


  5. Kausu, welcome to the money pit we call Gunpla! LOL So we will have you buying an Airbrush and then customizing. Sorry to say but I think you have been bitten, and sadly there is no cure. 🙂 Great job for a first build. Yes I died a bit inside when I saw you use that Box cutter, but in all reality we all had to start with something. I wasn’t much better when I started. 🙂


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