In conjunction with our prior post on The Programs I Use we explored a few of the options that I use when working. Now the question I present is what does it take to blog about anime? I have tackled this sparingly in the past, so let us jump right into this pool together and talk about what is needed and what’s not so needed.

First you need to have a burning passion for what you talk about. If you lack that drive, that motivation to blog about what you enjoy then there is really no point. Much like I grew inspiration from a local convention, you need to source that inspiration. The issue that grows from this is a balancing act between keeping inspiration versus losing it. It can become quite easy to develop a ‘burnt out’ feeling when consuming so much of one thing.

Again, you just need to get out there and grab that inspiration and run with it. You just need to figure out what is the trigger for that fountain. For me it was Naka-Kon 2015 that finally gave me the push to start a blog about anime and tech.

Secondly, you have got to figure out your audience and content. So this should come as no surprise, but you got to find your target audience. Are you going to focus on more niche titles, more generic titles or…. scandelous posts? The writing field is fair game, just bare in mind you will develop your personality as you go.

Your readers will also come and go, depending on the type of content that you post or promote. Your audience is important to your blogs growth and success, just be mindful to not lose track of the inspiration that led you to this point.

Thirdly It takes a MASSIVE investment and time on social media . We all know that it takes promoting yourself to earn some representation. No good blog or site can stand without some sort of presence online. Twitter should be a constant friend for any blogger that is out there. It provides a great and quick platform to share topics and to engage with fans. Trust me, it makes conversing with others very easy and quick. You should also consider other options for promoting your content such as collaborations and featured content.

Lastly you should be open to branching out. Sure you only want to write about magical school girls, but is that really feasible? There are times where you will have nothing to write and your only option is to branch out into something new. Yes it is scary and different, but trust me when I say that it helps.

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  1. Great post, Kausus! Indeed, it’s so easy to burn out. I’ve experienced this many times already, more than I can count. But I just treat them as passing moments because I know that I still have the burning passion to blog about anime. It also helps that we have this awesome community of anibloggers we can find support and inspiration whenever we’re losing motivation or feeling lost.

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      • Oh it’s not so much about being ‘social’ but you’ve already stated in your post.

        Massive investment and ‘time’.
        That’s actually what I lack! At least for now I treat my blog like the final boss – once I hit the publish button, I’ll immediately dive into my bed and read many blogs via Reader on my phone (basically what I’m doing right now lol).

        Time is precious indeed, friend! 😣

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  2. I have a question senpai!
    Now that you have mentioned Twitter I think I may have to create one for my page. I have no problem promoting on social media! Do you use any specific handles or hashtags to get more fans to follow? And or what kind of post do you do on Twitter? I like to get an idea of what everyone else is doing since I am still fairly new at this 🙂

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    • Well, it really depends. I use the usual #anime #otaku tags and then I just use tags that relate towards the topic. Handles should relate and be uniquely yours. I use OGZ_Kausus to denote that it is my twitter account handle for OGZ. Really persistence is key in this regard.

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  3. True, true, and true again! Especially that part about having a passion for your writing: after being out of the game for so long, it’s been a struggle for me to find that again. But the struggle is what makes the blogger stronger, right? It’s hard, but working through all of it pushes you to be sure that you want to write, and that you enjoy it, and that’s all that really matters in the end. 🙂

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  4. I’ve always wanted to create an anime blog but never knew how to start one or promote it. Thanks to this informative post it inspired me to help build up my blog bit by bit. Thank you senpaiii ; u ;

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  5. I found your blog helpful. Apart of my blog is doing the last part about “Branching out”. I do hope to reach a few more fellow Otaku who like James Bond or the Highlander franchise mate. Thanks. ^_^

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