Anime For This Years Father’s Day

So another Father’s Day comes in and with many of you looking to go out and about, I have some anime recommendations that you should watch in celebration.

Sweetness and Lightning is a MUST watch pick . Okay if you have not even considered picking this one up, please rectify that decision by watching this anime. It is sweet, charming and down right emotional as it follows the tale of a father and his daughter trying hard to make each day more tasteful through food.

Barakamon is charming and deep in it’s own artistic way. This one holds a special place in my heart. It doesn’t focus on actual family, but the inspiration one gets from the individuals around them. It has its really deep moments and I love how engaging the anime can be for the viewer and the relationship between the characters Hanada and Naru is something that is sweet and family like.

Space Patrol Lulus is about family and then it dives right into obsurdity. I love Studio TRIGGER and will frankly have an eternal bias towards them. This gem of an anime rides a showtime of roughly 7 minutes per episode and tells the frantic story of Luluco as she tries to mend her broken dad and face her pirate mother, all the while finding true love. It is a busy quest, but a hilarious and enjoyable one nonetheless.

The Boy and The Beast is an emotional movie that truly shows the relation between a boy and a beast. This movie is a special addition and cannot be found on Crunchyroll, but can be bought and enjoyed from home. This anime from 2016 is utterly beautiful and down right emotional. This is a title that really fills me with such joy and the father-son relationship that grows between the main characters is just extra icing on top of a delicious cake.

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