The Programs I Use For OGZ

Okay, I figured it would be apt of me to talk about the programs that I frequently use with OGZ. While some of these will only be available for Mac OS X/iOS users, I will try to find recommendations for Windows users.

First up is Ulysses (Or Pages) So recently we have moved into using a different word document program for our blogging. Most of you should know that I have been handling all writing through the use of our MacBook Pro, so why not try something—unique. That is where Ulysses App comes into play. No we are not sponsored by them. I did try my hand at asking, but was shot down for not being ‘press’. Ruffled feathers aside, the app itself is beautiful. It focuses on minimalist settings with a high end system. The app makes wonderful use of markdown, which is a system I have little knowledge in.

What is great is how it handles showcasing and teaching you it. It’s actually quite easy and simplistic to use. What is even better is the built in support for WordPress publishing. This was actually used for this post! What makes it for others is how wonderful it is for exports and novel writing; which is front and center on their testimony section; frankly I think it is pretty swanky. Now I do use this in conjunction with Apple’s Pages when using my iPhone for on the go blogging.

As far as other options are concerned for Windows, you can use Word or Google Docs as a nice alternative; with Google Docs having built in WordPress draft saving. I have seen that Ulysses has a possible Windows Version, but I have seen reports of a few fakes floating around.

Next up is Google Snapped for iOS and Android. If you are like me and you take a camera with you no matter where you go, then this app is a free godsend. While it surely won’t replace Affinity or Lightroom for most, it is a delightful free option for basic to intermediate users. Seeing as I can push my RAW files right to my iPhone after a shoot, it makes for a very quick and easy photography touch up and enhancer. Much recommended for any photographer out there. You can of course also grab Adobe’s Lightroom on your mobile device if you want to keep the family together.

For video editing, iMovie is hard to beat. Now yes, Adobe Premier Pro is going to be leaps and bounds over what iMovie is capable of (Even Final Cut Pro X is more capable.) That shouldn’t hold a Mac user back however. iMovie is a wonderful piece of software that literally is the best entry-level editor you could possibly have. Unfortunately I cannot recommend a Windows option due to Microsoft having dropped support for both Movie Maker and it’s planned successor. It really is down to you ponying up 19.99USD just for Adobe Premier Pro for a reliable editor.

Lastly I use LIFX bulbs for allowing us to work later into the day. Okay this one is odd, but it is literally life or death for your eyes when writing. Using both Apple’s night shift mode (which warms the screen up to ease that horrid blue light) and LIFX’s A19 bulbs I can comfortable write even in the darkest of nights. Anyone can use these bulbs, you just need to have an available lamp or overhead that takes an E26 screw type. What is great about these lights, aside from RGB love, is the varying temperature range or White light that you get. You can go from uber cool to scorchingly warm. It is also wonderfully controlled through the companion app or with your voice through product like Alexa.

The bulbs start at just 49.99USD on LIFX’s Official Website and what is better is that they graciously provided us a review code and I have got to say, thank you! Many individuals wouldn’t think that lighting would be important for running a blog or YouTube Channel but the lighting can make all the difference. Less strain on the eyes means a better blogging or vlogging experience all around.

So there you have it, our day to day items that we use to run OGZ. Sure they aren’t too outlandish, but they are practical programs that I couldn’t go without; especially Ulysses.

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