OGZ’s Top E3 Announcements Thus Far

Alright so to start us off on the right bat, I was less than thrilled with E3 2017. It had all the dazzling sights and yet it felt hollow and it felt entirely lacking in expansive content. I really had higher expectations going into this season. It was not an entire loss however and I want to touch upon a few of the titles that really rocked our socks and blew our expectations out the window.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 was the surprise of the night and it frankly felt like it was too long. It in fact was way too long; 15 years to be exact. The game had something of a cult following over the years and was massively acclaimed when it released. Now this new trailer comes swinging into the scene and it is everything we have wanted and much, much more.

Destiny 2 is a title that I don’t think many would be surprised by us liking. It is science fiction, Bungie Studios and it has Nathan Fillion. This game has been a bit of a tender spot for many gamers out there due to issues with mechanics and just how Bungie has chosen to handle their ‘Shooter MMO’. Regardless I am eager to see more and learn more about this new entry into the franchise.

Monster Hunter World is the game that I frankly wished I had known about sooner. If you have never played a Monster Hunter game then you may have played a clone of it. The premise is a simple one and that is to hunt monsters. The game has a massive following with its awesome co-op and crafting depth. It really is a great game that aims to break a mold of formulaic games while being fun and known for its silly antics. This new entry looks visually stunning and different from previous entires.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 was king and continues a trend of fulfilling fan wants and wishes. I squealed with utter childish bliss when I saw the in engine trailer drop. It is an utterly beautiful and graphically impressive game. I am in shock with the amount of detail and depth we are getting from this game; they have only shown one map! It is a fans wish to get behind many of the iconic vehicles of the series and they deliver it so beautifully. Feel free to use the included link below to pre-order our Best of Show E3 2017: Star Wars Battlefront 2.


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9 thoughts on “OGZ’s Top E3 Announcements Thus Far

  1. Star Wars Battlefront 2 looks marvelous. I never played the previous one because of the criticism but I might try this one instead.

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    1. The criticisms are much resolved just from what we were told.

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      1. Yeah I heard about that. I think this new one will have a story mode and the DLC will be free.

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      2. As a Star Wars fan, I am going to enjoy using Maul lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I’m looking forward to hopefully playing as General Hux, Phasma and Kylo Ren.

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      4. Oh yeah those characters, me too! I can’t wait to slice down my enemies. I am happy to see they brought back the Clone Wars.

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  2. Valentino Senpai June 13, 2017 — 11:40 am

    There were some really good games at E3 this year but there were some that were overhyped. Destiny 2 seems like one of those games just because it feels more like another expansion pack and not a actual new game. There’s also The Crew 2 which left me heart Broken.

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    1. Either way, I love Destiny enough to buy it. Really its just so I can hear more Nathan Fillion ❤


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