Kase-san and Bento: An Infatuation Beyond Words

When I decided I would pick up a small manga called, “Kase-san and Morning Glories.” I never knew what sort of ride I would be in for. All I knew was that the art on the cover was enough for me to say yes. So I bought it and low did I happen upon one of the best pure-yurt (or puri) ever conceived. The manga series is published by the outstanding folks over at Seven Seas Publishing. This is in no way sponsored by them, but please check them out and support this series! I am honestly in love with this series beyond the point of no return. Also here is the official clip that Studio Pony Canyon whip up!

Okay, maybe that is a bit of a stretch, but by golly I am in love. With the second release, “Kase-san and Bento.” Being out I had to jump on the train even more so. Every page, every chapter sends me into a frenzy of smiles and warmth. We all know those Yuri that are out there. The ones cladded in plastic wrap are the vile ones I speak of. We expect them to feature boobs, butts and fan-service galore. Kase-san does the genre service with its pure and wonderful take on the genre. The manga is one that I found myself clinging to once I started reading it. I had to finish it in one sitting.

The elation one feels when reading this series is just… I lack the proper words to express how much this series has helped me personally with day to day issues. No matter how many times I read the first entry, I just kept trying to find more from that one manga. Now with a second one firmly in hand, I can say that I am beyond happy with how this series is progressing. Bento is a culmination of future happenings to come in their relationship and I am more than positive we may see some form of doubt brew up in the next issue.

What the second entry to the series does so beautifully well is to bring a charming and budding romance full of confusion, doubt and wonder to the forefront. It is comforting knowing that even these fictional characters share the same doubts and worries that we all do when facing a budding romance. We want to be at our best when we are faced with a new situation and that is what both Kase and Yamada face in this new manga. From false reads to doubts about who they chat with. These are very much fears and concerns we all share in a relationship and it is heart warming to see these two pushing through it all.


We do get some scenes that most would cry foul on and less pure on. Kase is shown without a bra and we find Yamada in total star struck interest in Kase-san’s body. Take this how you will, but isn’t that just apart of a relationship? Feeling nervous or anxious about sharing a changing room space or bath? It is all about finding that delicate balance between the two. I feel the author does a great job at handling this and not just pushing it into a smut ridden fantasy; it at least feels grounded. I can only hope that the next two releases keep this pure and wondrous sense of love out of the smut-zone.

The next entry, “Kase-san and Shortcake” is due out in the U.S. on September 12, 2017. If you have yet to read either, “Kase-san and Morning Glories” or “Kase-san and Bento” please feel free to check them out!


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