The Day I First Saw Anime

(In response to Shay’s Latest Video)

When I was growing up I loved Greek and Medieval history and culture. Frankly I never looked towards other cultures with much interest. I loved Greek culture so much that I swore I would always enjoy it. I wanted to travel to Greece and take in all the culture and food, but life always has new plans. It was seventh grade and we had just wrapped up with the Medieval section of world history and we jumped right into the Asian history section. Japan was a country from which I got Godzilla and Pokemon from. I never gave Japan a moment of my time simply because I was infatuated with Greek and Medieval history.


Low and Behold I discovered something precious and beautiful. A little movie that my teacher loved would become to beckoning beacon that would spark an obsessions. Spirited Away the surreal masterpiece by Hayao Miyazaki is just utterly beautiful. I remember being so fondly inspired, so excited to finish the film in our next class. It was stunning and it opened my eyes to what cartoons where and what anime was. After my class I rushed home and begged my mother to take me out to find this movie. Well a few car rides and a town hop later we found it.


This copy is old, it is a DVD and yet I could care less. It is and always will be the first anime movie that I ever watched. It has a place in my life where no other object has a spot. It truly is something phenomenal and it is an item I cannot bear to ever be apart from. It lead for a growing interest in further titles, towards further series and towards the inevitable OGZ. Frankly the day that I watched an anime was the day I opened a door. It isn’t a special door, nor is it a fancy one. It is my own door that lead me into a world that I would frankly not ever trade for anything. It was the moment I decided to get into this strange, new culture and I couldn’t have been more happy.

The day I watched anime is a day I will always remember and will always cherish. So what is your first anime or anime movie? Surely there is that one gem of yours that will always leave you smiling.


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10 thoughts on “The Day I First Saw Anime

  1. Nice respone to the her video. Maybe I should do one too. Miyazaki’s Spirited Away will always be remembered as the best film. When I saw it on TV years ago, I watched it more than once. That movie was the first film I seen from his works.

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    1. It truly is a wondrous film. Thank you for enjoying our response to Shay’s video! Got me inspired. : )

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      1. You’re welcome. I enjoy yours and Shay’s content and videos. I thought your post was pretty awesome. It makes me think about myself and anime. 🙂

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  2. I had a Greek phase too! Same goes for my infatuation with Egypt. Ah middle school history, ancient history is the best. I loved this little story, especially the part when you traveled with your mom to hunt for it. My first encounter was with games and their series, such as Pokémon, Yugioh, Sailor Moon, and other Ghibli titles. It would be another 5 or so years before I found what I officially knew as anime: Negima, a nice little show about magic.

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  3. My first anime movie is a Ghibli movie as well! Howl’s Moving Castle ❤ Your post made me remember that it’s the first ever anime DVD i had. It was a gift from my godmother back then. 😊

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    1. Those are the best memories one could ever have

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  4. Funny just wrote a post about my first Anime and it was Kickers 😀

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  5. My first anime without realizing what it was, was Kiki’s Delivery service. I was just in love with her spirit and how Miyazaki lovingly told his stories. I feel you there, Miyazaki is nothing short of amazing and I adore his outlook on life! Great article. I loved it!

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  6. Spirited Away is the best anime story to me hands down. Imaginative and emotional and vague in the most beautiful ways. It is just beyond.

    — Bless


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