OGZ Lookback: Our First Month With Apple’s MacBook Pro

Alright. It has been one singular month since I have added an Apple MacBook Pro to my daily lineup. This is a system that will be used for on the go activities and convention traveling. The computer itself has even added a new layer of multitasking and has taken over a massive amount of my day to day work cycle. So, what do I think of Apple’s MacBook Pro 13”? Well, let us take a look at the experience thus far.


The one enormous difference in my workflow has been just how much we have moved over to the Mac. Writing, video editing, photo editing & planning has all made a home in our MacBook Pro. Sure we still use our Windows PC for massive file storage, gaming and post publishing/editing, but that doesn’t mean that we do not use our PC. We still relying on the deeper processing capabilities for picture adjustment and post management; which still isn’t all that much. What has changed is where we are writing our post drafts and that is on the MacBook Pro. Writing isn’t power consuming and hell, I even do it on my smartphone from time to time. I just cannot hate on the MacBook’s keyboard. It’s just so good.

Sure there is a love-hate relationship that has grew out of the MacBook line of keyboards, but the MacBook Pro has had some very grand reception for its keyboard. My only complaint is that the keys will sometimes make a louder click sound when the MacBook Pro is under heavy load and physically warm. What’s up with that Apple? So yes, I am drifting away from my RGB love of a mechanical keyboard in favor for the MacBook’s butterfly mechanism. Video editing was never a thing for me personally on Windows 10 and while I did dabble with Adobe Premiere Pro, I didn’t like how sluggish it was. Bear in mind this is literally from editing simple 1080p video. Now move this over to iMovie and bam, much smoother and easier time working with the video and it frankly is night and day.

While I am not using Final Cut Pro X anytime soon (due to that MASSIVE price cost), I am superbly pleased with just how great iMovie is. Really trying to use this to help push myself further in the realm of videography. Another point that we have enjoyed it just how simplistic and easy it was to get into a Mac computer. Yes it was a massive system change, but it wasn’t crippling. I have always used Windows, as far back as Windows ’95, and frankly it isn’t strange at all. Now my experience is going to be far from what someone else who has been using Windows for a long time might feel. It is like any customer I sell a phone to and they opt for a product that they never used; they usually end up returning it. With the software and hardware work in such unison, I find it hard not to love the switch.

Now yes there are things I find awkward and things that I loathe. For one while the Finder system works beautifully, but it’s not as organized from what I am familiar with on Windows. I just like file explorer much better. Maybe the Finder system will grow on me after a few more weeks, but that remains to be seen. Another issue is just… iCloud… I have never liked iCloud and I am still not that big of a fan of cloud storage. Never have liked it and always preferred physical storage mediums. Hardware wise is a tough part mainly due to the fact that Apple makes their software work beautifully with the hardware that they use. Yes my PC can literally cream this system, but it isn’t as optimized as this MacBook Pro is. Hell, even the trackpad, A TRACKPAD, is a solid performing piece of tech when considered that most trashpads (trackpads) are utter garbage.

Another sad issues is battery. It sucks juice like me when I get my favorite drink of choice. Sure I have obvious things turned down like the backlit keyboard during a majority of the day, the screen brightness dialed down; it still sucks. While I can get through an entire work day without needing a charge, it still needs it quite quickly.

Too Long; Didn’t Read… I love the Apple MacBook Pro and I will continue to love it. I needed something that was capable and could handle our photography, videography and typing. This needed to be something solid, reliable and frankly; optimized. For our first MacBook Pro, I can say I am a fan of the system now.


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2 thoughts on “OGZ Lookback: Our First Month With Apple’s MacBook Pro

  1. Just what I was waiting for! After reading this I’m all the more excited to order mine in a few months!

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    1. Glad I could be of some help 😉

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